Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been a while! I left the hubs and I went to Dallas this past weekend to see Kiley, and while I meant to write a post while I was there, I was very unsuccessful in doing so. BUT let me start off by saying I left New York  just in the nick of time, we got the most snow we've gotten the whole winter, I'm pretty sure I was one of the last flights out, thank goodness!! Needless to say, my flight was an hour and a half late leaving, and I missed my connecting flight in Detroit and was stuck in Michigan of all places for six hours longer then originally planned. They do have a really cool fountain though - 

I do however hope that whoever designed this really cool fountain, the only cool thing about the Detroit airport - did not design the weird tunnel of lights and music -

It's just creepy. I mean really. If the goal here is to relax you on your way to your next gate, it doesn't work. The nature sounds and soothing light colors do nothing for your sanity as you run a mile lugging a suitcase and oversized purse, sweating, just to find you've missed your flight by 5 minutes. I'm sorry, but Delta has never ever ever ever been on time EVER and they choose the day that I really don't want to get stuck to leave on time. Oh well, whatever. On with my story - when I finally arrived in Dallas and 11pm I was greeted by this - 

A platinum blonde, tanned Kiley, with previously used balloons and a sign! There was some screaming, a little crying, and lots of laughter in our reunion. It was way over due! I will be seeing her again oh so soon though for her wedding! Woo hoo!!! We had lots of fun shopping for wedding dresses, and going out to eat, and just staying up late chatting like the good old days in college - which surprisingly was just last year. My trip was much too short but I was ready to get home to the hubs, I missed him much!!

Although the hubs and I did not get to spend too much time together when I got home, because my first night shift was sunday night and I am now on the complete opposite schedule as the rest of the world and stay up all night and sleep all day. Sunday night was rough, I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep, but 7:30 am came quick and I came home and slept like a rock. While I was asleep my sister called and informed me that she is going to have a sweet little baby boy!!! I am going to be an aunt to a little boy. I know nothing about little boys. I remember nothing about our conversation except that "it's a boy!" yay! and then I was back out like a light. I've now had time to get excited and yet slightly anxious, because you see, on my moms side, there are six grand daughters -

(Left to right: Jenny, Laura, Lindsay, Caroline, Me, Charity)

 three of those grand daughters have now had, or going to have a little boy. I do hope it's not a generational thing... Oh well, we have plenty of time before we must worry about whether it's a boy or girl (family...) I think I will let my cousin Caroline, who is getting married in October, have a baby first and see if the cycle breaks =). Good idea, right!?

That's all for now - I do promise to come back sooner rather then later!

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