Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a quick hello!

Hello! I do not have much to update on, or any pictures to share - I'm pretty sure I've been in my pajamas for days!!! All I do is sleep is and work, and if I go out, I go to target - which only takes me 2 min to get to (minimum) I'm usually in my pajamas or scrubs... Some glamorous New York life right!?! I did go to church on Sunday, and I will say that it is highly depressing when you go to get dressed for church and are putting on "real" clothes for the first time in weeks and NOTHING fits!!! I would've shed a small tear but I didn't have time! Maybe I should think more seriously about the half marathon?? I should. It was one of my new year's resolutions, but every time I think about 13.1 miles I get NAUSEOUS! It is terrible! I'm just not sure I'm a runner... can a person not be a runner? I think so, and I think I'm one of them. I've been told to run through the first wave of nausea and it disappears, but I'm skeptical of such advice. I think we need a dog, then I'd have a companion to run with me... someone please tell Luke to get me a dog! 

That was my quick Hello, and this is my quick good bye! Good bye!! 

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