Friday, April 30, 2010

I want to be a smartypants!!

As we speak, the hubs and I are gearing up for Pioneer Woman's smarty pants quiz that she does on her homeschooling page. She gives out some pretty sweet prizes to the smartest smarty pants out there. Mind you, about 2000 people usually do these quizzes and it's all a time game people, and I am neither quick, nor the brightest crayon in the box, and I am okay with that! BUT wish us luck! The hubs is a pretty smart guy. He better win this for me! OR ELSE... no more call of duty for him! What!?! Oh yeah, I went there.
I'll let you know how we do!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reading in 2010

I love to read! I was that nerdy girl growing up who always had my nose in a book, whatever I was doing. I still don't like to drive because as a passenger I can ignore the driver and delve into the character's lives and totally immerse myself in a fictional world. I take a book to the city with me in my purse just in case I get New York City... 

I thought I'd share some books that I've read so far - which haven't been as many as usual because must I tell you again, I am tired ALL THE TIME! Reading right now just makes me want to close my eyes. I used to be able to finish a book in a matter of hours, it now takes me at least a week and sometimes longer! This is so foreign to me, and makes me feel like a failure! (Drama queen? Maybe a little.) Which is why I have to find another hobby! So I decided to sign up for a half marathon and run! Polar opposite activites - I went from curling up on the couch with snacks and a good cup of tea to having to get off the couch and exercise! What was I thinking!? But, I digress...

But first - some books I read at the end of last year that you must read!!

The Help - by Kathryn Stockett
The Mark of the Lion series - by Francine Rivers
3:16 - by Max Lucado
The thirteenth Tale - by Diane Setterfield
The Tea Rose - by Jennifer Donnelly
The Winter Rose - by Jennifer Donnelly
He Chose the Nails - Max Lucado

Now for this year -

A Lineage of Grace series - by Francine Rivers
Chasing Harry Winston - by Lauren Reisberger
A Northern Light - by Jennifer Donnelly
The forgotten Garden - by Kate Morton
The Last song - by Nicholas Sparks (don't worry this is the third time I've read this book)
The Friday Night Knitting Club - by Kate Jacobs ( I was hoping for some inspiration)
A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick 
When Christ Comes - Max Lucado

And currently - 

Nothing like curling up on the couch with a nice cup of hot tea and a good book - how old did I just sound? Like the 60 year old I am on the inside, I'm sure. 

Now, go pick up a book and read!! And if you don't like to read... then I feel sorry for you. I'm just sayin. 

PS I'm always open to suggestions!

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Baseball season y'all!

And we got to go to the Met's season opener with some wonderful friends! At least I think it was the season opener, its says so here. Um famous divas? I think so. We had awesome seats, thanks to the ladies that teach at Brunswick (a K-12 school where pre-k tuition costs more then my college education) and the owner of the Mets sends his boys there and offered them some tickets. That whole teaching thing is a pretty sweet gig.  Heres a recap -

We took the subway - I hate the subway. It's sweaty, and smelly, and there are rats. Unusually large black rats. That I'm 99% sure they're going to stage a revolution against the city.. Good thing we live in the 'burbs! One positive note was that we got some serious cuddling time in the real intimate setting with 100 of our other closest friends jam packed into one car. Think sardines.. I'm talking nose to nose for 45 min. Not that I don't love me some hubs and some good cuddle-age but it was seriously getting claustrophobic in there. 


Don't let the spring attire and sunshine fool you. It. Was. Cold. Silly florida 'tourist'. 

I need a New York sports team, and it is way too easy to be Yankees fan. But let's be for reals here, I am lazy, and I like easy. But do I want to be a bandwagon fan? Maybe. As Lauren pointed out with the Mets, a sports fanatic can have a love - hate relationship with the Mets, a little drama and spice added to their life. It's not a team that's always going to deliver, but when they do its an oh so bittersweet feeling. So who wants the kind of relationship where you always know that you're probably going to win. There's never any disappointment. Always happiness and joy that your team is just that good. I think I do. And if I may throw this out there and be a total girl for a minute, I like the Yankees logo better, and I've already invested $25 in Yankee paraphernalia... so thats my decision. Sorry Mets, I know the whole franchise is sorely disappointed in my decision. I get the feeling though, that they're already over it. 

After the game, which I can tell you honestly and unashamedly that I hardly watched any of it... There was a skateboarding bulldog, which totally made my day. Now, I can tell you that I think this dog is ugly, he does not look cute and cuddly and love-able at all. BUT in the moment, and here there after, I want one. I want an english bull dog, in all his heavy breathing, loud snoring glory. I want a girl and I want to name her Lola. And I want her to have a pink collar, and I'm already planning walks and outings, and places to take her. Forget baby fever, I have dog fever. Can I get an Amen? I want one. I need one. End of story. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling a little random

  • I married a 12 yo - I knew this already though. I know some of you think the hubs is a twenty something year   old man, with a job and grown up tendencies - you must know this is only partially true. My nights consist of :
            C'MON TV!!! 
            I was shooting right at you!!! 
            What are you doing?? 
            HELLLOOO!!! He's behind you, he's behind you!!!
            It's gonna be chaos!! 
            I killed you first, how'd I even die?!?!

A girl can only take so much... before I go into 'mom mode' - um dont you have to work in the morning? Isn't it time to go to bed? Yeah I thought so. 
  • Happy late birthday to me! It was a good one - even though I most definitely had to work the whole weekend and I slept most of the day saturday! I was able to go back for a delivery of a very very cute 34 week old little boy that had to come back to the NICU with me merely because of his age. But we were able to celebrate our birthdays together. Nothing like a little cuddle time with the babies on your birthday. My preceptor also got me a very yummy ice cream cake

She also had most of the nurses come sing to me at midnight. It was very sweet, and made it a very special birthday. The in-laws sent me a barnes & noble gift card and an applebees gift card. I may or may not have already spent the b&n one (I do love to read). My sister and Chris, and baby Wyatt, and Riley-dog sent me beautiful flowers -

and the Hubs, 12 yo though he is, is a sweet sweet boy and celebrated all week with me with all our favorite foods - buffalo chicken pizza from marios, PF changs, and a buffalo chicken calzone (all on separate days, no need to start an intervention on my eating habits just yet) he also got me a most beautiful bracelet, that he tried so very hard to keep a secret from me, but let's be real here, I do not like surprises, and I like to know what I'm getting so I know if I should work on my surprised face. He knows this. I kind of peaked. He also knows this. I'm a horrible terrible person. I know. But anyway, I wanted a bracelet last year for my birthday, but we were dirt poor. We're still poor, but this year we have a little more then dirt. 

Its very beautiful and I love it! We are going to be able to celebrate a little more this weekend when we go to a Mets game with some friends! I love baseball games. And I love going to the city, and I'm excited to get to do both. And am oh so looking forward to going back to Magnolia in hopes of pumpkin cheesecake this time. Not that I won't settle for a cupcake too... 
  • The half - I am slowly, oh so slowly building up my mileage. I am using this training module. I'm on week 8, so only 3 more weeks after this and I'll be at 3 miles OR 30 min. I am a VERY slow runner, we're talking 11 - 12 min mile. I alternate my speed. At this point, I'm not to concerned with how slow I am, I just want to finish, I'll worry about speed later. I'm also thinking of doing a 10k in June - gotta set small goals right? I also need to add Jillian to my life again, I have been ignoring her in my head. I am in two weddings in a month, and I am also nowhere near ready for bathing suit season. Not that there's a beach I'm going to be frequenting any time soon. We will be coming June 20 though for vacation!!! So watch out florida!! woo hoo!! 
  • Speaking of bathing suit season, let's talk suits. I have had the same black old navy suit for going on 2 years now. While it's in perfectly good shape, a girl needs variety! These are some j. crew suits that I love and am thinking about getting one. Bathing suit #1Bathing suit #2 - I'm kind of leaning toward the peacock blue. OR Bathing suit #3 - also in peacock blue. I'm planning on stepping out of the comfort zone of black.. Thoughts? 

Now if you will all excuse I must talk the hubs into going to bed so that I may catch up on all my DVR'ed shows - I need to know what's going on with Claudia Joy, Pam, Roxy, Roland, and Denise at Fort Marshall. I'm also dying to see how horrible Kate Gosselin was tonight on DWTS. PS side note - why are Bethenny and Jill even fighting?? And why does no one like Bethenny? Ah the important things in life... 

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yes that's right, 13.1 MILES. Tonight, this morning, today... whatever you want to call it (my days all run together and I'm lucky if I remember what day of the week it is, much less the actual date) - BUT I finally signed up for a half marathon in October. I have had the registration website saved in my favorites for two months now, and finally decided that I had to sign up today because my current plan is not working. My current plan being that I'll build up to 3 miles and then sign up... but seeing as how I still can't run 3 miles, the plan was not working so I changed the plan and signed up. But I still stared at the computer tonight for 45 min debating internally with myself (which isn't unusual, at least this time I wasn't arguing out loud with myself) can I do this? Do I really want to do this? Will I even make it past a mile? Maybe I should sign up for the walker's half... yeah I'll do that, but no, I'm healthy I should be able to run it, right? Yes, yes I can. Okay. So I did it! I'm signed up. I have some great running shoes that I bought in November, and they've been patiently waiting to be used... since November. Have I mentioned I'm a procrastinator? Hence the shoe buying in November and the non shoe using until April. Unfortunately, I can't stay up all night the night before a half "studying" and then run 13.1 miles the next day... and yet it worked so well the night before a big exam. I am a good night before, freak out study-er, BUT the mileage buildup starts tomorrow. If I can I will drag my lazy bum self out of bed, off the couch, out of my oh so comfy PJ's and down the ONE FLIGHT of stairs to the gym. Yes, the gym is literally right underneath me, and I have to force myself to go. But I signed up and I am doing it. Since, I'm starting at a whopping one mile, I have so far to go! But there are many people everyday that can run, and if they can do it, so can I! Feel free to motivate, inspire, encourage, or just plain remind me how crazy I am  or  give me some friendly running advice and tips. Thanks and good night/morning.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Man on the moon to worst dancer ever...

Buzz Aldrin

I hate to say it, but it is just painful to watch him dance, I'm tempted to just fast forward right through it. And I hate it for him, especially his partner Ashly because the judges are awkwardly trying to say nice things because he's old but let's face it he is TERRIBLE!!
In better news Mario's was open today and we got our buffalo chicken pizza for dinner!

The boy wanted to eat! And it was well worth the wait!!

A mini spring vacay

Look who came to visit the hubs and I!

The weather was horrendous! It poured cats and dogs all day long in the city, and then we went to see Jersey Boys - it was sooo good! And yes, Luke and I even liked the music. We stayed in the city and the next day the boys got to go to the Jets new training facility in Jersey. I was pretty jealous, I'll have to make Luke take me back one day! While the women shopped... First we went to

Where we shopped for little Wyatt Morgan. It was packed, so we didn't visit all the levels or see all the cool things the store has to offer. Maybe I'll go back the first snowstorm next year, when no one travels the streets. Good plan right? We then hitched a cab to Macy's where they were celebrating spring!

Flowers everywhere! And if we thought FAO Schwarz was packed - Macy's was PACKED like sardines!!! Oh my gosh, you couldn't walk. So I ran to the basement, to the food -

A delicious chicken salad salad, and yummy fruit. I must let you know though, that this fruit, as delicious as it was, was $12, yes I said $12!! Holy cow! I think the man behind me had a little chuckle when I paid, because I'm sure my expression said "what the what???" We were pretty exhausted at this point and went back to the hotel to rest up for dinner! I'm pretty sure it's just southerners that eat, and then take a break to eat again. We went to a yummy yummy hamburger place on the upper west side (I sound like a New Yorker right?) called Five Napkins burger - 

It was a huge burger, with a lot of fries! And it was so good! Sadly my mom missed it because she wasn't feeling so hot. But the rest of the us had a good time! Sadly, the hubs had to head back home after this, so that he could go back to work - but we were glad he took a day off to hang with us! After a good nights rest we were ready to go again. We started the day at Ground Zero -

I didn't see it before, but it was crazy to imagine the chaos that emerged on the morning of 9/11. From here we walked to battery park - it was a beautiful day!

Lady Liberty in all her glory. We didn't go see her, but thanks to camera zoom, its like were there!

It was just a short walk to Wall St. from here - and we were there on a most historic day, something went public, an IPO or something like that. I very well may be distorting the facts, but we were there, and there were cheers of joy from people in the street, so we knew it was important.

And I am so happy to announce that spring has come to the northeast, for real this time (I think) and flowers are in bloom, heavy winter jackets can be put away, and the sun is shining! It is wonderful and doesn't make me miss the beach so much!

We were so excited about the weather, we celebrated with delicious cheesecake from Carnegie deli - I'm sure one of the many places that claim the "best" cheesecake in New York - 

After this delicious lunch, it was time for me to head home so that I too could prepare to go back to work. We said our goodbye's at Grand Central, I celebrated my fun week with the rents with a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery and then headed back to White Plains. 

I love Magnolia bakery! They have the best cupcakes, and they have the best pumpkin cheesecake - maybe the hubs will take me back for my birthday this year - it is in 3 weeks - hint hint... 
It was a wonderful week, I love having visitors. I was also a little glad to get out of the big city, and head back to our little city of White Plains and get back in the swing of things. Love you mom and dad, and Hicks family. Can't wait to see everyone again in June! (I hope...) 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Redeemer lives!!

"But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him."-- Acts 2:24 NIV

 "Do not be alarmed," he said "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene who was crucified.  HE IS RISEN.  He is not here."  Mark 16:6

We spent the afternoon at our wonderful associate pastor's house, with our church family today since we are so far from our family. It was a wonderful time, I can't say that I was much for company seeing as how I worked all night. Easter with the babies was so much fun, one of the nurses dressed her baby in the cutest easter dress and little pink socks - she was adorable. I like to think that it made her feel a little better today, because we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Anywho we had a great time at lunch fellowshipping with great friends, and then came home and took a gloriously long nap, only to wake up and find that both of our favorite pizza places were closed for Easter. I think that's wonderful that they celebrate, but I was oh so looking forward to some buffalo chicken pizza for Easter dinner....

I found this, I think it's pretty cool! Sunday's Comin I think that this sermon has been around a while, I did a little research, and I think its from a sermon from the 80's. 

I hope everyone had a blessed day, and I'll be back soon with pictures from the city with the parentals!