Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling a little random

  • I married a 12 yo - I knew this already though. I know some of you think the hubs is a twenty something year   old man, with a job and grown up tendencies - you must know this is only partially true. My nights consist of :
            C'MON TV!!! 
            I was shooting right at you!!! 
            What are you doing?? 
            HELLLOOO!!! He's behind you, he's behind you!!!
            It's gonna be chaos!! 
            I killed you first, how'd I even die?!?!

A girl can only take so much... before I go into 'mom mode' - um dont you have to work in the morning? Isn't it time to go to bed? Yeah I thought so. 
  • Happy late birthday to me! It was a good one - even though I most definitely had to work the whole weekend and I slept most of the day saturday! I was able to go back for a delivery of a very very cute 34 week old little boy that had to come back to the NICU with me merely because of his age. But we were able to celebrate our birthdays together. Nothing like a little cuddle time with the babies on your birthday. My preceptor also got me a very yummy ice cream cake

She also had most of the nurses come sing to me at midnight. It was very sweet, and made it a very special birthday. The in-laws sent me a barnes & noble gift card and an applebees gift card. I may or may not have already spent the b&n one (I do love to read). My sister and Chris, and baby Wyatt, and Riley-dog sent me beautiful flowers -

and the Hubs, 12 yo though he is, is a sweet sweet boy and celebrated all week with me with all our favorite foods - buffalo chicken pizza from marios, PF changs, and a buffalo chicken calzone (all on separate days, no need to start an intervention on my eating habits just yet) he also got me a most beautiful bracelet, that he tried so very hard to keep a secret from me, but let's be real here, I do not like surprises, and I like to know what I'm getting so I know if I should work on my surprised face. He knows this. I kind of peaked. He also knows this. I'm a horrible terrible person. I know. But anyway, I wanted a bracelet last year for my birthday, but we were dirt poor. We're still poor, but this year we have a little more then dirt. 

Its very beautiful and I love it! We are going to be able to celebrate a little more this weekend when we go to a Mets game with some friends! I love baseball games. And I love going to the city, and I'm excited to get to do both. And am oh so looking forward to going back to Magnolia in hopes of pumpkin cheesecake this time. Not that I won't settle for a cupcake too... 
  • The half - I am slowly, oh so slowly building up my mileage. I am using this training module. I'm on week 8, so only 3 more weeks after this and I'll be at 3 miles OR 30 min. I am a VERY slow runner, we're talking 11 - 12 min mile. I alternate my speed. At this point, I'm not to concerned with how slow I am, I just want to finish, I'll worry about speed later. I'm also thinking of doing a 10k in June - gotta set small goals right? I also need to add Jillian to my life again, I have been ignoring her in my head. I am in two weddings in a month, and I am also nowhere near ready for bathing suit season. Not that there's a beach I'm going to be frequenting any time soon. We will be coming June 20 though for vacation!!! So watch out florida!! woo hoo!! 
  • Speaking of bathing suit season, let's talk suits. I have had the same black old navy suit for going on 2 years now. While it's in perfectly good shape, a girl needs variety! These are some j. crew suits that I love and am thinking about getting one. Bathing suit #1Bathing suit #2 - I'm kind of leaning toward the peacock blue. OR Bathing suit #3 - also in peacock blue. I'm planning on stepping out of the comfort zone of black.. Thoughts? 

Now if you will all excuse I must talk the hubs into going to bed so that I may catch up on all my DVR'ed shows - I need to know what's going on with Claudia Joy, Pam, Roxy, Roland, and Denise at Fort Marshall. I'm also dying to see how horrible Kate Gosselin was tonight on DWTS. PS side note - why are Bethenny and Jill even fighting?? And why does no one like Bethenny? Ah the important things in life... 

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  1. I like bathing suit #1 and #3. You do need to add some color into your life. The women & man at Ft. Marshall are doing fine. I also wonder why Jill is such a drama queen. Personally I can't stand the Countess. I believe Jill is jealous of Bethenney and all her success. My question is, why should Bethenney have called Bobby? wouldn't that have ticked Jill off too, yes it would have. It makes me want to tell Jill she is being childish and stupid. Anyways-keep working on your mileage, speed doesn't matter. love, sis