Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Baseball season y'all!

And we got to go to the Met's season opener with some wonderful friends! At least I think it was the season opener, its says so here. Um famous divas? I think so. We had awesome seats, thanks to the ladies that teach at Brunswick (a K-12 school where pre-k tuition costs more then my college education) and the owner of the Mets sends his boys there and offered them some tickets. That whole teaching thing is a pretty sweet gig.  Heres a recap -

We took the subway - I hate the subway. It's sweaty, and smelly, and there are rats. Unusually large black rats. That I'm 99% sure they're going to stage a revolution against the city.. Good thing we live in the 'burbs! One positive note was that we got some serious cuddling time in the real intimate setting with 100 of our other closest friends jam packed into one car. Think sardines.. I'm talking nose to nose for 45 min. Not that I don't love me some hubs and some good cuddle-age but it was seriously getting claustrophobic in there. 


Don't let the spring attire and sunshine fool you. It. Was. Cold. Silly florida 'tourist'. 

I need a New York sports team, and it is way too easy to be Yankees fan. But let's be for reals here, I am lazy, and I like easy. But do I want to be a bandwagon fan? Maybe. As Lauren pointed out with the Mets, a sports fanatic can have a love - hate relationship with the Mets, a little drama and spice added to their life. It's not a team that's always going to deliver, but when they do its an oh so bittersweet feeling. So who wants the kind of relationship where you always know that you're probably going to win. There's never any disappointment. Always happiness and joy that your team is just that good. I think I do. And if I may throw this out there and be a total girl for a minute, I like the Yankees logo better, and I've already invested $25 in Yankee paraphernalia... so thats my decision. Sorry Mets, I know the whole franchise is sorely disappointed in my decision. I get the feeling though, that they're already over it. 

After the game, which I can tell you honestly and unashamedly that I hardly watched any of it... There was a skateboarding bulldog, which totally made my day. Now, I can tell you that I think this dog is ugly, he does not look cute and cuddly and love-able at all. BUT in the moment, and here there after, I want one. I want an english bull dog, in all his heavy breathing, loud snoring glory. I want a girl and I want to name her Lola. And I want her to have a pink collar, and I'm already planning walks and outings, and places to take her. Forget baby fever, I have dog fever. Can I get an Amen? I want one. I need one. End of story. 

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  1. Hi Holly,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog - you are hilarious and I think you could be a writer. You have a knack for it. Can't wait to see you in a month.