Monday, April 5, 2010

A mini spring vacay

Look who came to visit the hubs and I!

The weather was horrendous! It poured cats and dogs all day long in the city, and then we went to see Jersey Boys - it was sooo good! And yes, Luke and I even liked the music. We stayed in the city and the next day the boys got to go to the Jets new training facility in Jersey. I was pretty jealous, I'll have to make Luke take me back one day! While the women shopped... First we went to

Where we shopped for little Wyatt Morgan. It was packed, so we didn't visit all the levels or see all the cool things the store has to offer. Maybe I'll go back the first snowstorm next year, when no one travels the streets. Good plan right? We then hitched a cab to Macy's where they were celebrating spring!

Flowers everywhere! And if we thought FAO Schwarz was packed - Macy's was PACKED like sardines!!! Oh my gosh, you couldn't walk. So I ran to the basement, to the food -

A delicious chicken salad salad, and yummy fruit. I must let you know though, that this fruit, as delicious as it was, was $12, yes I said $12!! Holy cow! I think the man behind me had a little chuckle when I paid, because I'm sure my expression said "what the what???" We were pretty exhausted at this point and went back to the hotel to rest up for dinner! I'm pretty sure it's just southerners that eat, and then take a break to eat again. We went to a yummy yummy hamburger place on the upper west side (I sound like a New Yorker right?) called Five Napkins burger - 

It was a huge burger, with a lot of fries! And it was so good! Sadly my mom missed it because she wasn't feeling so hot. But the rest of the us had a good time! Sadly, the hubs had to head back home after this, so that he could go back to work - but we were glad he took a day off to hang with us! After a good nights rest we were ready to go again. We started the day at Ground Zero -

I didn't see it before, but it was crazy to imagine the chaos that emerged on the morning of 9/11. From here we walked to battery park - it was a beautiful day!

Lady Liberty in all her glory. We didn't go see her, but thanks to camera zoom, its like were there!

It was just a short walk to Wall St. from here - and we were there on a most historic day, something went public, an IPO or something like that. I very well may be distorting the facts, but we were there, and there were cheers of joy from people in the street, so we knew it was important.

And I am so happy to announce that spring has come to the northeast, for real this time (I think) and flowers are in bloom, heavy winter jackets can be put away, and the sun is shining! It is wonderful and doesn't make me miss the beach so much!

We were so excited about the weather, we celebrated with delicious cheesecake from Carnegie deli - I'm sure one of the many places that claim the "best" cheesecake in New York - 

After this delicious lunch, it was time for me to head home so that I too could prepare to go back to work. We said our goodbye's at Grand Central, I celebrated my fun week with the rents with a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery and then headed back to White Plains. 

I love Magnolia bakery! They have the best cupcakes, and they have the best pumpkin cheesecake - maybe the hubs will take me back for my birthday this year - it is in 3 weeks - hint hint... 
It was a wonderful week, I love having visitors. I was also a little glad to get out of the big city, and head back to our little city of White Plains and get back in the swing of things. Love you mom and dad, and Hicks family. Can't wait to see everyone again in June! (I hope...) 


  1. Great post! Were they beginning to build the new towers? Was your dad packing heat or was he trusting of the yanks?

  2. It was a wet but fun trip! Thanks for being a great hostess!