Sunday, May 16, 2010

Butta is betta

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I got in on the right side this morning, and then just woke up in a nasty mood. Maybe I was mad during a dream I had? I don't remember. Does this only happen to me? I just woke up angry. This didn't stop me though, I was going to bake. Maybe that would help?

I found a recipe for baked french toast on PW's website. I love french toast, and it was relatively easy, and not something that I could really screw up. I started with some bread. Fresh from the bakery... cause I'm good, but I'm not I make my own bread good.

It is pronounced "hallah" not "CHallah" for all my uncultured friends out there. And I only call you out, because I did the same thing, I ordered CHallah bread french toast and almost got laughed out of New York. It's a cruel world we live in y'all, I just want you to be informed.

You tear the bread into bite size pieces into a 9 x 13in pan. Then you will need eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, and cream. I feel like a real cook, I've never used heavy whipping cream before, and I think that it makes me sound all official when I tell you that I used whipping cream. I used my hand mixer to mix these together, because I couldn't find a whisk to save my life. 500 people at our wedding and I can't find a whisk. I apologize if you're reading this and thinking to yourself, I bought you a whisk, you should have one. I will apologize AGAIN by saying I either took it back (because the hubs made me!!!) or I've lost it. Both are possible reasons I don't have a whisk. I also have a kitchenaid mixer - but it intimidates me and causes me to tremble in the corner like the cooking coward I am. I think it looks right through me, and it points and it laughs. It is a kitchen appliance snob. But I will prevail, because I love it. I have recipes aplenty for this mixer, as soon as I work myself up to the challenge. ANYWHO this is about baked french toast. Once you tear the bread into bite sized pieces like this... 

You mix the eggs (there are 8 of the them, so if this dish ain't one thing, its chocked full of protein!), milk, cream, vanilla and sugar. Then you pour this mixture over the bread - 

I hope that you're kitchen garbage smells better than ours... Once you've drenched the bread - you need to refrigerate it. PW says over night is best, but I don't have that kind of patience, so if you're like me you can finish a creepy Lifetime movie and then go see a movie! Remember I was in a horrible, terrible, no good, bad mood. Well  I thought that going to see Letters to Juliet, a certified chick flick and guaranteed ticket to a better mood would make me a happier person. I even went to Barnes and Noble before and had plans for Target after - sure fire way to a better mood! NOT...  

I found a new book at B&N - The Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin - I'm pretty excited, I like all the other books that she's written - Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, and Love the One You're With. This helped. I then went to the movies... Between the man sitting next to me breathing so hard I thought he was the big bad wolf, and I was praying he didn't blow the theater down and the teeny boppers giggling, and sh'ing behind me - I was ready to get up and leave and come back another day.  The movie was good and delivered in all it's chick flick glory-ness, but I definitely would have enjoyed it so much more had I gone on a week day at 1pm... when no one else was there... maybe I should just stick to netflix. 

I came home and finished my baked french toast. For the topping you need brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, a stick of butter, and chopped nuts if you like the sort. I do. So I used them. 

It will look like this, and then bake at 350 for an hour-ish. 

It comes out like this - smelling oh so delicious, and if your garbage does stink, this really helps mask that smell! I added a little powdered sugar because who doesn't like powdered sugar on their french toast. I then cut a piece and added some syrup. YUM YUM! I never said that this was healthy french toast. I run to eat!! And this was worth it! And it even helped my mood, for a little while anyway...

I promise to post the full recipe, or you can get it at PW's website, but I am tired right now, and am hoping to come out on the other side in the morning/afternoon... thinking happy thoughts!

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