Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I love our DVR and I've finally come to terms with our gigantic, obnoxoius television and kind of love it too! I can even make out what's going on without my glasses and that's saying something. I watch a lot of horrible t.v. (don't judge me) I blame it on my parents because I was never allowed to watch MTV or the likes when I was at home. So now I easily get sucked in to shows like Teen Mom, The Hills, The City, oh and any of the Real Housewives ( I know this show is on Bravo). And I love Glee! But let's just talk about some of these shows...

The Hills -Why does Spencer wear a rock around his neck?? He looks like a mountain man, ew. And what can I even say about Heidi? She doesn't even talk the same! How tight did they make her face!?! The drama, oh the drama. Whatever happened to shows like Designing Women, Little House on the Prairie, Saved by the Bell where everyone got along and the biggest issue was Jessie's addiction to caffeine pills - which lets be real, who doesn't need a caffeine pill every now and again, it's the same as drinking a mountain dew. It's okay Jessie, we all get it, we've all been there... But now in 2010 we have Spencer who is so messed up he needs his equally messed up wife to remind him to breathe! "take a breath, take a breath, you're fine, take a breath" And the fight with Heidi's sister! He yells at her --> "You're going to burn for it" - was he serious? Is Heidi seriously staying with him? Is their marriage even really real? Is it all a publicity hoax? Why do I even care?? 

Moving on...

The City - I like Whitney, she appears to be nice and genuine. Did she get a huge break because of who she is and who she knows? Yes - but can you really fault her for that? But oh that Olivia is SO toxic!! I really hope that you don't have an Olivia in your life and if you do you drop her like a hot potato. Even if you like potatoes and you wouldn't really drop it... the real ones, that you eat... But seriously who needs a friend like that? I use the term friend extremely loosely. And I cracked up at Kelly's statement at the end when she said, "do you knew where nice people end up? on welfare." Seriously!? Welcome to NYC people... She needs to move to the south. I'm just sayin'. 

Glee - I am a Gleek! This show makes me want to go to broadway everyday, watch a show, and belt out a tune. None of which are feasibly possible - you do not want to hear this voice, nor do I have the money to support my need to head to broadway everyday and watch a show - but that's a story for another day. Luke had to leave the room he couldn't take the ridiculousness of a bunch of teenagers breaking out into an array of songs about their FEELINGS and EMOTIONS oh my... But I love it - Ryan Murphy is a genius! The mishmash (yeah use that word in a sentence today) of artists, songs, cast, genres are amazing. I want Rachel Berry's voice - it's incredible. And I hope they win regionals! Yes, I know it's not really for real, but please don't ruin it for me... I loved the Madonna episode, and I don't even like Madonna. But I love Sue Sylvester and this is why:
Nobody quits the Cheerios. You either die or I kick you off.
- I haven't had a solid meal since 1987.
- My parents were famous Nazi hunters, so they weren't around a lot.
- You think this hard. I'm passing a gallstone as we speak. That is hard!
- You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a     high school glee club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't look like a lesbian.
She's rude and sarcastic and offensive and crass and I find her absolutely hilarious!!

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  1. Sister- you are hilarious! You made my very bad no good day into a better one! Thanks. I can't wait until June!!!