Thursday, May 13, 2010

Runners High

I am such an imposter... I just started running and I'm still not even to the point where I actually like it. So I'm not sure if I'm technically allowed to have a runners high or if its only for people who run run, and run run a lot, not just run sometimes like me. BUT today I did! I felt so good. I usually go around 11pm - yeah I know - but y'all try to remember that 11pm to me is 11am to the rest of the world and I am totally off schedule. Anywho, I head downstairs to the gym, thinking about how much I didn't want to be going for a run, much less be out of my PJs. But I'm on my way to Chicago next weekend, where I'm in a wedding, where I need to not look like the girl that skipped the freshman 15 but got bamboozled with the married 15. Anywho, back to my "runners high" - I started running today, and I was supposed to run for 14 min and walk for 1 min x2. So I would have a total of 28 min running. I was listening to my book (we're not even going to go there - you'll just need to be happy with the knowledge that I listen to books while I read) and thinking okay, I'm not even going to check my time until it gets to a certain point. Well,  I got to that point and I was feeling so good, that I said self, "self, I'm not even going to look right now because let's just see how far I can go" Well friends, I ran 3.3 miles!!! I was SO proud of myself! Some of you are shaking your head at my patheticness (I just made that word up) but I have not run this far since my sophomore/junior year of highschool and we were forced to run because we were a bunch of fat cheerleaders. Hence my body image issues, thank you to a certain coach... But that story deserves its very own post at a later date, once I get out of therapy and work through my "issues".  ANYWAY that's my update - I ran 3.3 miles a week ahead of schedule!! Hopefully this wasn't a one time thing...

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  1. Well sis, you just have to keep doing it. Running is so much fun, I love it. Unfortunately I am out commission but hopefully will be able get back to it. I am proud of you.