Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The End

Tonight was the season finale of Glee... I may or may not have cried, and it may or may not have been more or less upsetting then when I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I felt like a part of my life was over. Yes, it was that serious. I may or may not have cried every other time I've read it, in hopes that it just keeps going and doesn't end... I may continue to watch season 1 of Glee until season 2 starts so that I don't feel abandoned by Mr. Shu and Sue Sylvester all summer long. 

Before I start with my recap - I have a funny story to share with you all. I am usually pretty good with my money, much to the dismay of my family members. Can I stretch a dollar? No, not really. But, I am good about just wanting one thing, that thing might cost a little bit of money, but when I only want one thing that costs a little bit of money I don't see the problem. My sister and mom on the other hand can buy a whole lot of things for the amount of money I would spend on one. To-may-to, to-ma-to right? Well, I went shopping before Kiley's wedding with a dear friend that I have made here in White Plains, and to say the least, we are toxic shopping partners for each other, because we both have Grover Cleveland taste on an Andrew Jackson budget. So, I just wanted something nice for my best friends wedding, I don't really get dressed up anymore, nor do I really fit into any of my clothes (thanks to being married...) so I just needed a few things. Well friday comes and goes, the weekend passes, and then Tuesday the hubs decides to check the credit card statement... I get a text at 2am while at work asking if I've been to The Limited, Ann Taylor Loft, Barnes and Noble, Sephora, the nail place and what is Tropical Lights and have I been there, because if not then our credit card has been stolen!! Hmm.. this could've gone awry in a hurry - but luckily I eased his anxiety and let him know that it was just me. So needless to say I am unfortunately on a shopping hiatus - but only until Florida! I worked a Memorial Day right!? 

While I'm off the topic of Glee for a moment, and we're talking about our upcoming vacation to Florida - can I just talk about how much I am looking forward to Chick-fil-a!! Like I can barely contain myself... When I was in Dallas last week, that is all I wanted and of course on a wedding weekend, every meal is planned and I felt as if I was going to miss out on my one chance to eat a delicious chicken sandwich with chick-fil-a sauce and waffle fries and I could feel the world crumbling around me..  Everyone thought I was nuts, but for reals people, you don't realize what you have until you just don't have it anymore. Well I thought that my ship had sailed but lo and behold in the south where there's a Target, there's a chick-fil-a, and being the good friend that I am and totally not thinking of myself and my needs, I got chicken biscuits for everyone! Wasn't that sweet of me!? We won't talk about how many I may or may not have eaten... But stop number one when we get home - chicken sandwiches for all!!

Back to Glee... the reason for this post -
As if I couldn't love this show even more, they do a Journey tribute for regionals and I love nothing more than a good fist pumping Journey song - oh that just put me over the edge. Let's just take a moment... So good. I can't say anything else about it. For a while there I thought we might see that Sue Sylvester really does have a heart - I don't know if I'm happy or disappointed about this!? Her heartlessness really makes the show. It just does. And just when you thought she went all sappy she returns to her old self with the "I'll throw up in your mouth" comment. And all was right in the Glee world again. I don't want to talk about it too much because I don't want to give anything away, because you can watch the whole season from the beginning starting on thursday night at 8pm all summer long. I know that you all are going to jump on this bandwagon. The singing makes this show - I can beat this topic like a dead horse because they really are just that good. Sooo watch it!

In the aftermath of Glee and my depressed state that it's over for the summer - I watched the Bachelorette. Can we talk about Ali's hair?? It's so bad, it kind of looks like she never washes it - I mean I get that, I've gone a few days without washing my hair, but I'm not trying to find a husband... on national television... I mean she just needs a good wash, blow dry, and a brush perhaps? A good comb? A little tease? I don't know, I'm not a professional hair stylist but I'm pretty sure ABC could sell her look a little better - the blonde california beach girl look just isn't for everyone. Also, I am totally team Roberto and team Kirk. How cute are they!? I am really trying to stay away from websites with spoilers because the whole point of the show is the element of surprise at the end right? Right! Even though I watched the bachelor all season and then walked into the breakroom the night of the season finale and saw him on the after the rose show with Vienna. That ruined that... I don't know why I watch these shows, they're so staged and fake. And boys are not supposed to be dramatic and they are worse then a bunch of high school girls! And high school girls are brutal - I know this because I was a high school girl once upon a time. I was totally one of the nicer ones though, friends with everybody, because that's just how I roll. 

I could go on and on about the TV that I watch, but I must go run, I know you're wondering how my training is going... I ran 3.6 miles last night - which is the most to date. I'm really proud of myself. You can be too. 

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  1. Holly I am so sad about Glee being over too!!

    And I am even more sad for Ali's hair!! Why is it so yellow??? People don't say "I have yellow hair", they say "I have blonde hair"...agreed on the dirtyness of it too! ewwy!! I am also a Roberto & Kirk fan...and I would like to add Chris, isn't he the cutie from maine?!
    ~Sarah (your wedding twin, in case you know other sarah's)