Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home sweet home

Two whole weeks! I just caught up on two weeks worth of DVR-ed shows... OMG I don't even know where to start! maybe I'll just start with bullets, I won't even attempt to hit on our trip home, that will take a whole other post! Maybe in the same week! I know you won't even know what to do with yourself!
Real Housewives of New York City - I don't even get Kelly. At all. Sometimes she talks and I just can't even listen! Why do I even watch this trash? She just talks and talks and talks and nothing coming out of her mouth makes any sense what so ever! I just don't get it, it has to be staged, no one can really be that stupid. Well lucky for Luke that show is over!
The Bachelorette - I know I'm so behind BUT I'm pretty sure that ABC read my blog, because a certain girl's hair is starting to look a little better. It actually looks like Ali is brushing her hair. Can we talk about Kasey - how weird is he? Their date in NYC was so awkward, that whole "here's my heart, jump in and stay a while" - how creepy. And the tattoo, that was a bit drastic. If I have to hear one more time how he wants to "protect and guard her heart" I think I'll throw something at the TV and that might just make the hubs a little angry. So was I glad when Kasey was left all alone on a big block of ice in Iceland, yes I was. I do happen to be team Roberto and team Kirk, oh yeah and team Chris L. I would be team Frank, but I've heard the spoilers about an ex-girlfriend and wanting to leave the show but the producers wouldn't let him leave so I know there's no hope down that alley (no pun intended). This weeks Turkey episode - how dramatic. Does no one remember Wes?? Of course the ABC producers are going to keep reproducing this scenario. And then to quote Frank, and he's going to turn out looking like a bad guy too. No wonder Jake and Vienna didn't last, this show is for suckers like me. It worked for Trista and Ryan. I just noticed how they make the guys put tape over their hats  to cover what brand it is. Just a little tidbit.
Real Housewives of New Jersey - Dina left... and my DVR didn't record it, so I have no idea why. I'll just have to keep a watch. I've had some issues with the DVR not recording all my shows. Not the end of the world I'm sure, but I feel so behind.Who is Danielle? I guess all these shows have to have a crazy, and she's the crazy here. In my semester of psychology, I saw a lot of crazies, and I think that I have enough knowledge to diagnose this lady with paranoia. She's paranoid, thinking everyone is out to get her. I had a patient like her at Chattahoochee. AND she said herself that no one says hello to a psychopath... so she knows she's crazy! I think they have mental institutions in New Jersey, I think someone needs to check herself in.
Pretty Little Liars - a new show on ABC family that I've added to my summer shows. It comes on at the same time Glee used to, so it's my replacement. They talked about To Kill A Mockingbird last night, I don't remember anything about that book. I know that I read it in high school, but I can't remember anything about it. I think I liked it. I probably won't be rereading again anytime soon. I think its for highschoolers, so I guess it's kind of right up my alley. It's about four teenage girls whose best friend died, but she's still sending them text messages from the grave. It's all a mystery drama. Now I'm hooked. Sometimes I wonder how shows like this make it past a season, so we'll have to see.
Oh yeah and I know that I'm one of those Twilight people that you think I went and saw the midnight showing, well I didn't because I was working! And I also know that every other middle schooler, and high schooler is going to be there too, and I don't have time for little squealers. So I'll be waiting a couple of weeks before going to see that!
Two days of TV watching, and I'm all caught up!
All my posts are about TV.. I promise to try to add more substance to this blog... I do promise that there's more to me then/than (I need a grammar lesson) the TV that I watch. I sleep a lot too!!!!

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