Sunday, June 6, 2010

One year down...

And hopefully many more to come! Today the hubs and I have been married for one whole entire year!! It has absolutely FLOWN by!! And yet our wedding also feels like it was ages ago! So much has changed for us this year, and all for the better!
We started out our lives together in a studio apartment, with no air conditioning, a block away from government housing... fun! Right!? For a little while anyway. We have now moved to a one bedroom, with air conditioning (Praise the baby Jesus cause it gets h-o-t here!!), and a one minute walk to my two favorite places! Target and Barnes & Noble! My, how the times are a changing for us!

I spent the end of the week at Kiley's wedding -

Nothing like celebrating someone else's new love to make you feel all giddy and in love yourself! I know we've only been married a year, but we've been together for over 8 - longer than most marriages last these days... that's saying something right!? I think so!

So, Happy Anniversary to my dear!

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