Monday, July 12, 2010

Honey, coconut water, and smelly feet

In our attempt to be healthier and eat all things good for you, you know, like McDonalds and Starbucks... No but really, we bought raw honey, because it has all kinds of healing powers and I decided to try coconut water. I don't know about south of the mason dixon, but here in the northeast it is all the rage. It is supposed to be better for you then any kind of sports drink or just plain water itself because of the electrolyte replacement it can provide without all the sugar of a sports drink, like that gatorade stuff. The point of this is, the honey smells like dirty feet, so I have yet to taste it. I'm waiting on the hubs to try it first. And as for the coconut water, it tastes like I would imagine a dirty, smelly foot would taste. I've never actually tried a smelly foot, but seeing as how I could wake the dead and they'd crawl right back in the grave with the smell of my feet, I think that I'm a pretty good judge of how smelly feet might taste if one were going to taste it. So that's my review of the vitacoco coconut water. Don't worry they didn't pay me for that. I'll be back with a review of the honey. 

In other news, I have a celebration of a milestone! I started running April 13 and could barely make it a mile without huffing and puffing into a paper bag and wanting a donut or icecream to make myself feel better for not being able to run a mile. Today I can run 5 miles, and it's only going to get higher from here. But also, if you look on the side, you can follow my mileage, and in 3 months I have tallied up 103 miles! Woo, now for myself thats no small potatoes. I'm pretty proud of myself. I think in celebration I am going to get the Garmin forerunner 305 GPS watch so that I can make the transition into the great outdoors and track my mileage and such. Also, to justify this purchase, it will be a late anniversary gift from the hubs, since he didn't get me anything, not even a card! But that's a different story for a different day. Don't worry about me too much, I didn't get him anything either, but I did at least get him a card...

And for a complete 180 - Doogie is transitioning nicely into our home, he does let us hold him for very, very short periods of forced time, and he will sit next to us on the couch. He doesn't ever jump on the bed though, which I guess could be a good thing. He is also the pickiest eater, he doesn't like anything, and believe me we've tried everything! He'll eat his dry food and that's it. I also think that he likes me best... 

Just sayin'. 

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