Thursday, July 15, 2010

QT with friends, chick fil a, and Ikea!

Yesterday started out with my eye swollen shut, a 4 mile run (woo go me!), target, a starbucks run, and ruining a friends hair. Good times my friends, good times. Lucky for my eye and Lauren's hair we had a fun filled grown up field trip planned to Jersey! I know everyone comes to New York, to hit up the Big Apple, and everyone thinks that Manhattan is so great, and that it has everything. Well dear, faithful blog readers of mine, I am here to tell you that the great NYC does not offer everything you could ever want and need. Paramus, NJ does! Paramus has just about everything that NY is missing - mainly a chick - fil - a! Which I mean really, what more could you want? After a delicious lunch we went to ---

Ikea!!! Oh my gosh - what potential to spend a TON of money!! I have never been to Ikea, for which I am sure the hubs is glad. There is something for every nook and cranny of your house! Sadly they did not have the curtains that I was really planning on getting, but I think I'll just order them online. I was feeling lost, and slightly overwhelmed. This is a store for the organized soul, and my soul is not organized. At all. It wishes it was, I wanted to buy all kinds of things to help me get organized, which is how my mind works - if that is designed to help organize me then it has to work. 

I believe they were expecting a lot of people, but lucky for us, and weather permitting, people stayed at home! So all these carts were ours for the taking! We only took the one..

People come from all over to visit Ikea - like this guy. Even though I'm pretty sure there might be one closer..

Our loot. I did pretty good. It could've been a lot worse. If I had a creative bone in my body I could have done a whole lot of damage and filled the entire back of Lauren's car. PS see Lauren? See her hair? That's my artwork! That she had to go get fixed.. woops. Sorry!!

No, no Ikea, thank YOU for letting me visit. As the governator Schwarzenegger would say "I will be back"

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