Monday, May 30, 2011

Main Squeeze Mondays

Since I lack originality, and I didn't post for like years of your life ( I know you missed me...) and I am nothing if not inconsistent, so I thought that I would start highlighting my favorite items/things to use in life on Mondays. I will call it Main Squeeze Mondays, because a main squeeze is something that you love, kind of like my favorite things, but I wanted to at least make the title original and creative and suck you in. Has it worked thus far? So consider this a free product review and/or shout out and just a moment to celebrate the things and people that I love.

Today I am going to talk about my love of the iPhone and all things apps. Preferably the Nike apps. Because as much as I love my iPhone, I really love Nike. I love Nike tempo the most. Now while I may not be the fastest or most dedicated runner, I love to run in some Nike tempo shorts - I've started a very nice collection - who can beat the built in underwear and sweat wicking fabric they're made of! But I digress... Back to my apps!

So I read other blogs, mostly for inspiration, because like I said I'm not the fastest nor the most dedicated of runners, so I read other running blogs to make me want to get up and keep going. If you ever have some time you can head on over to and read about Page. She is a super fast runner, who ran Boston this year. We could never be running buddies because she would run laps around me... let's just say she can run 20 miles in about the time it takes me to finish a half... Anywho she did a two cent review about the Nike training club app. And what was I to do but download it!? It is probably one of the best apps out there in app world and it is FREE!! It is like your very own personal trainer, in your very own ears, and you get to listen to your very own music and it is FREE!! When you first open it, you come to this page -

You can choose between multiple full body workouts, and then the get focused option offers 15 min area specific work out.  They even have little video clips to show you the right form!

If you're poor like me and cannot afford a personal trainer, this is the absolute next best thing! I do it at home in my living room or you can do it at your gym. I haven't exactly ventured to the longer workouts because I usually combine this with a run and I stick with the get focused 15 min workouts, and can I just tell you that 15 mins of focusing on my legs - two days later I am still sore!! I'm trying to teach the cat to knead my bootay with his paws for a free massage (he's got to earn his keep somehow) - but it's not going so well. Anywho, I love this app!! Thank you Page for the awesome recommendation!!  Now to all my friends out there (mom) download this app!!

And just for kicks - here is Wyatt at 9 months -

Look at that sweet face. I love my nephew! He likes to sleep in a jogging stroller instead of run... one day he'll learn.

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