Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy National Running day!!

Also, happy June! I don't know about y'all, but I am wondering where this year has gone!? I feel like I just said good bye to all my New York peeps and moved to Nashville! In 5 days the hubs and I will be celebrating TWO years! TWO!
Anywho, as this is the first day of June I have some goals for this month that I'd like to put out there in cyber world in hopes that if I know I've typed them out for the whole world to see, if the whole world chooses to meander on over here and read about my life, and keep me accountable! I deleted my previous account, and opened a new account to keep a new track of all my miles run. SO - I am planning to run everyday in June. You heard me, everyday! As well as running everyday, I'd like to log at the very least 120 miles for the month. For me, this will be a lot. This comes out to about 4 miles a day. I probably won't run 4 miles everyday, but I think all the tempo/pace runs, hill workouts, and long runs that I do should come out and keep the 28 miles a week that I'd like to accomplish! There it's out there. That's my goal and I think I can do. But feel free to keep me motivated!

A sweet action shot of me running on National Running day! Someone needs some vitamin D like WHOA!

Sunday - 1.25ish miles of hills!
Monday - 3.01 miles
Tuesday - 2 miles
Wednesday - 5.98 miles - day 1!


  1. What a great photographer!

  2. I know you can run 120 in the month of June! I will help you get there when we come up at the end of JUNE!!! Love you! Great picture...Luke!