Monday, June 27, 2011

Main Squeeze Mondays

Yay! Today is everyone's favorite day of the week! Monday! I think that someone should make a song about today... Who care's about Friday anyway? Today is my favorite day of the week, more or less because half the time I'm not working (!!) and I get to share some of my favorite things!

I get to wake up nose to nose with this sweet face every morning. Sometimes I even get a wet slobbery kiss, lucky me! He has informed that he is a little jealous that Doogie gets his own little corner of the blog world and would also like one. So in an effort to show equal favor to my furry children, Harley and I are collaborating on what he would like to contribute to the blog world. Please stop the press, because it is going to be good!

I have so many favorite things in this picture! First off it was taken during my break, another favorite past time. But I would just like to thank the inventor of the grapefruit spoon. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, the finely serrated edges you invented make eating a grapefruit so much less painful and more enjoyable and a lot easier than with a plain spoon. I also love a good Whole Foods grapefruit! So BIG and fresh and sweet and tart! YUM! I also love my polka dot lunch box from thirty one gifts, it has my initials on it, so get your own! AND oh how I love Steaz! This organic black tea with lemon is oh so delish!! And a little expensive, go figure. 

My Nathan handheld. What a good investment. Makes running so much more enjoyable when it is already 110 degrees at 9 in the AM. And that handy dandy little pouch holds my pepper spray, chapstick, keys, and license!

In exactly 3 days or 72 hours or 4325 minutes or 259483 seconds and counting, I will be sitting here. Looking at this view, with a good book in my hand, soaking up some rays, and I could not be more excited!

Also, in exactly 5 days or 126 hours or 7562 minutes or 453763 seconds and counting K is getting married!! I have a feeling she already has a countdown going, but just in case I just thought that I'd let you know! I do love a good wedding, and what's better then when your best friends get married! We go way back, and I like her almost as much as I like Danny's fried chicken and a cinnamon streusel from Hungry Howies.. Just Kidding! I cannot wait to celebrate and I'm pretty sure K can't either!

And some tired little boy is turning ONE!!

Happy Monday!!! Have a blessed day! Psalm 136:1

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