Tuesday, June 14, 2011


And I'm not talking about the syrupy substance that you put on pancakes* I'm talking about my run last night.  A slow as molasses 7.88 miles. Are you asking yourself why I always talk about running? And why I always have to mention how slow I am? Well folks, this is partly about me, and at the moment it is the most exciting thing we've got going on around here, besides the fact that we now know the origin of "believe you me". You can read about it here. But, I digress...

It was supposed to be a solid 8 but somewhere in my turn around, it got cut off by 0.12 miles. I've never claimed to be good at math. It was also getting dark and I figured I could do without that 0.12 miles, lest I run into some sketchball and never even make it home... I watch a lot of Criminal Minds** and have an extremely vivid imagination when it comes to my safety and lack there of. Hence my major argument for the adoption of this mangy mutt -

He's pretty scary right? He will lick you to death, with that over sized tongue of his, and that is a promise! So watch out! In reality, I take my safety seriously and carry pepper spray (thanks to my mother in law, I lost my whistle though...), my phone, my license, and credit card (mainly because I run by Target..). But, believe you me, that no one is taking a second look at this huffing, puffing, perspiring, chub rubbing, SLOW runner! 

Anywho, this run of mine. One of my last long runs before the RC Cola and Moon Pie 10 mile on Saturday. I plan on one more 8 miler, before taking it easy on Friday. Today went well, I ran the entire time, only stopping to stretch once and take this picture of the sunset over the Stones River - 

That view sure does beat running in downtown White Plains, no nature there. The weather was perfect, not blisteringly hot like it has been, and a nice cool breeze. Finally I didn't feel like I was running through the Sahara desert for days, in sweats, with no water to drink. That may be a slight over dramatization, but I really can't say it enough - IT IS HOT Y'ALL! Also, I had no GI issues and minimal cramping! Woo hoo! And I even forgot my tums before I left! And since I had taken it nice and easy, I was able to speed up a little the last few miles for negative splits! I am so ready for Saturday... and some RC cola and Moon Pies.. Bring on the hills! 

*what I wouldn't give for some pancakes at two o'clock in the morning! Cracker Barrel seriously needs to think about being a 24/7 establishment
**Everyone needs a Derek Morgan in their life. They just do.

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  1. I am hoping there will actually be a lot of Moon Pies at this race.