Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nashville Women's Half Marathon

I must be losing my mind! Or maybe it was the sign at the gym advertising a training program for this particular half marathon that offers a 16 week training plan, weekly group runs, and a t-shirt!? Uh, you had me at team running t-shirts. One can never have too many t-shirts. 
I have actually been planning to run this half with my sister, as we really wanted to run the country music half marathon but life got in the way. We quickly got on and found the Nashville Women's Half Marathon. It boasts much of the same route as the country music half marathon - a starting point at the Country Music Hall of Fame, run through music row, and Centennial Park and end with a downtown street party. Sounds pretty sweet. Along with a downtown route, you get a "one of a kind" finisher's medal with a removable charm that you can turn add to a necklace or charm bracelet. I don't know about you, but I like a good piece of jewelry. You also get a tech shirt SPECIFIC to women - I am so excited about this, a race shirt that will actually fit me. 
I cannot even "brag" about my first half marathon because the tech shirt is so big. My second half marathon, the tech shirt was so small, luckily it was a pretty small community based race and I was able to exchange it for a size that actually fit me! 
I'm hoping that this half will go relatively better than my previous two, this time around I have all summer to train. And, as I mentioned at the beginning, the YMCA is offering training and a running group. I am super excited about the running group, I am hoping that it is at a time that I can join them! I need friends! Especially to run with! People to keep me accountable, now I can only hope that there are people that run as slow as I do. 
So, here's to running in my third half, enjoying at least two sweaty hours with my sister, and meeting new people! Let's all cyber clink!

Just to add a bit of color - here is my favorite picture of my boys - Harley's face is like wth!?

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