Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been mentioning it around here a lot, but summer has arrived y'all! It is like 110 degrees outside with 152% humidity! It is hot! hot! hot! With these brutal temperatures comes sweat, and boy oh boy do I sweat a lot. I sweat like an old fat man at the gym. It is not pretty. I heard once that girls don't sweat, they glisten. This then caused me to question my femininity (say that three times fast!) because y'all, I don't glisten, I drip. I drip from places I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to drip from. But last I checked I'm still a girl. So this is good news. I generally steer pretty clear from the color gray because it show every single drop of sweet and salty, ammonia filled, hypothalamus produced sweat. But I have one t-shirt that I love to wear, it's soft, and worn and fits me just right and is the perfect shirt to run in as it doesn't cling or show any of what my mama gave me, ie: muffin tops. But after 6 miles in the Tennessee heat and this is what I have to show for it - only 6 measly miles..

I may or may not have gone into Target looking like this.

No it was not raining, that was just my hypothalamus trying to protect my brain from reaching too high temperatures causing me to SWEAT! And I was worried about the creepy guy on the greenway dragging me into the woods and killing me... I think I scared him!! Anywho, I got home, realized that I should perhaps retire the gray favored t-shirt, and perused the Nike website and found these gems on sale - 

The Nike Racer tank

They are a little big, and while I'm not exactly a small girl, I probably could have gone with a small, but for now I'll just keep the medium. Also, while I'd rather not show off these not so summer ready arms (I'm working on the 100 push up challenge), I am hoping that these will provide for a slightly cooler run. I'll let you know.. here's to staying hydrated!

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  1. You crack me up? Let me know how the tanks work. I might need to invest in some. You think TN is hot, well down here closer to the equator is MISERABLE!!!! I can't even begin to run, Kristina and I have been walking like 3.5 miles 2x a week and we look like that picture. And, when I get on the elliptical I definately look like that shirt, I don't glisten either! Haha!