Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Race Report that I'm sure you didn't think existed

I know, I know, you all thought I disappeared again didn't you? Well the good news is that I didn't, and the bad news is... well there isn't really any bad news, I just worked the three days in a row after which just didn't put me in conducive state to blog in, anywho...

The RC Cola and Moon Pie 10 mile Run

4 am Saturday morning arrived a heck of a lot earlier then what I remembered it to be, as I'm usually counting down the hours until I get to go to sleep instead of trying to get up. I made a little pre-race oatmeal, for Juls, Rod, and Luke. Why yes I have nicknames for my parents, don't you? I got all of my electronics gathered together and some water (I brought tons of fluids!) and we were all out the door by 5:25am. Surprisingly only 10 min after our said 5:15am departure. I would just like to talk about the importance of a pre-race routine and how everyone always says to do exactly what you do before every run. Well I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH!! I always brush my teeth the minute I roll out of bed, but since my room was occupied, and I didn't think it was fair to wake up the entire house, I just figured I'd do it before we left, and I forgot! I hate that feeling of stale church breath!! I also forgot to take my tums! I was pretty sure my day was ruined before it even started! But we had a nice uneventful drive, and arrived in Bell Buckle, TN at 6:30am and I must say it surpassed all of my expectations as the quintessential middle Tennessee small town celebrating moon pies and RC cola! With a little town circle boasting a few antique shops and a cafe. This was a very well organized event if I must say so myself, mind you it was small with only 838 runners total, but we were able to park right behind the runners tent where I was able to pick up my race packet, and again easily exchange my small t-shirt for a medium after looking at it. I think there needs to be a universal small, medium and large t-shirt used by all races! But no one has ever asked me about it.. but this has nothing to do with this race. Let's just talk about the "runners tent", um again all races need this! You pick up your bib, you pick up your chip, and oh you need a small snack? Why we have this buffet here set up for you of bananas, grapes, sausage biscuits from the cafe, and water, take whatever you want. I wish I had a picture. Amazing.

Tired and wondering why I woke up him up with me at 4am for this.

The 7am start time was fast approaching and so I moseyed my way there, I must say that it was a little off the beaten path from the finish line, but that was okay. I made the decision, with the persuasion from the hubs, not to carry my handheld water bottle because it was over cast and not too hot yet and there would be water stops every 2 miles, this would come back to bite me in the rear a little later... I made it to the start line, found some semi-normal looking people that looked like they were just running for fun and stayed around them, and there was a gun fire, or air horn or something to signal the start.. I was still questioning my decision to be up this early. To run.

I thought that I would just share some of my thoughts in chronological order from miles 1-10.

Mile 1: This isn't so bad. It feels good outside, I'm feeling good. I think today will be a good day. You're probably questioning all the black, with the heat - but in the hot summer months this color does not show sweat so bad, and these are the only nike shorts I have at the moment that my sweat marks don't make me look like I peed in my pants. 

Miles 2-3: Okay, maybe it's a little hotter than I had originally anticipated. Let me slow down a little bit, I don't want to kill myself at the beginning and not make my goal... These hills aren't that bad. Good thing my normal runs include hills... 
Mile 4: Water!! Um holy hill! I was warned this was a pretty hilly course, this is a major hill! I think I might die. I imagine that this hill might laugh at heart break hill in Boston.. I think I should speed walk so that I don't lose my oatmeal.. I wish I had taken my tums..
Mile 5: Top of the hill - is that an angel that I see? No, no but it is someone with a hose in their yard spraying people, um yes please, me! Oh that feels so good, thank you Jesus for that nice person. Oh you have ice cold water too... ohh maybe you are an angel. My armpit hurts I hope I'm not starting to chafe, I've never chafed in my life!
Mile 6: I might kill the hubs when I'm done. What I wouldn't give to have my own water at this moment. I'm hungry too. I think I might have swallowed a bug. Am I hallucinating!? No that lady is standing on the side of the road with an ice chest filled with ice! Yay! That feels really good on my armpit, it really hurts. 
Mile 7: Yet, another friendly Bell Buckle neighbor handing out powerade! Just what I needed!
Mile 8-10: At least this isn't a half! My armpit!! Ugh, I have chafed, how annoying! Ew, my mouth feels so nasty, I really wish I had brushed my teeth... I will say there was some walking involved. And some nice girl named Desiree ran by me at mile 9.5 and was like come on girl we're almost there - thank you Desiree!
Me and Desiree - Almost done!

Finish: Who can eat a moon pie right now? No thank you. Oh is that an ice cold RC cola? That feels soo good under my arm! I need some Vaseline like whoa!? When and what are we planning on eating?

The hubs said that the first runner crossed the finish like in like 57 minutes and I was right behind him! By like an hour! I didn't make my goal, but I was oh so close - and yet totally okay with being a back of the pack runner for this race considering I signed up for it 3 weeks ago, and didn't really prepare. I thought I did okay, and right on track with where I had been. I just know that I have to work harder for future races and my goals! 

We walked around the festival, which kind of reminded me of the Mullet Festival with just a tad bit more class, and not as much dust, or mullet. (If you are unsure of what the Mullet Festival is, please stick around until October and it may have its very own post! Or you can just go to the Niceville website and verify that it really does exist.) We ate lunch at the Bell Buckle Cafe and enjoyed some down home southern cooking, and went to find a spot to wait for the parade, which we didn't think would happen, because a bus fell in the ditch and a little boy got his foot run over and broke it. I don't think the bus actually landed on his foot, I think that this was a separate incident, but I'm just really not too sure. I think this is how rumors get started? Finally the parade started and it did not disappoint. For a town of about 400 people, it was exactly what you would expect! I do have a couple of pictures, but I'm having a hard time transferring them, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Ms. Tennessee was there, and Ms. USA (or maybe Ms. America, I still don't know the difference between the two, because is it, or is it not the same country? USA and America? Do we really need two pageants??) and the queen and king of Bell Buckle made their appearance, and you had your standard fire truck, an all female motor cycle gang (these were not your average grandmas..) and a bunch of small children dressed like RC colas and moon pies handing out candy... not moon pies. After this we headed home, where we all proceeded to nap like small children most of the afternoon. I hope to run this race again, as it was very fun, and very well organized, and I want that hill to give me another chance to tackle it without thoughts of death and suicide... 

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  1. That post made my day!!! I can just picture you and the whole family! Love it! And it is encouraging since I just started running last week....trying to just be able to run a 5k in the Fall.....thoughts of it make me nervous, sick to my stomach and crazy....what was I thinking?!