Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some of my Pet Peeves about the American Language

Now I'm not claiming to be an English teacher, although that was my back up just in case nursing didn't work out. Luckily for your children, depending on how you look at it, nursing worked out. I would've been a terrible teacher. But, seeing as how I often start sentences with 'and' or 'but' and am the queen of run on sentences, I'm just not so sure how well teaching English would've worked out. Even though I could totally do with the schedule, only work 180 days of the year? (sidenote: I did the math and I only work 152 days of the year give or take BUT I work nights and 12 hour shifts, and weekends and holidays, so basically its like double...)  Get 3 months off every summer? Two weeks at Christmas? And a spring break!? Um, yes please. I would just like to point out that both my parents were teachers/administrators growing up, thus getting all the same holidays as me, and I was probably in high school by the time I really thought about it, and realized that if I didn't become a teacher, then I would not get a summer, Thanksgiving or Christmas break. And the thought of that my friends, was absolutely depressing. Lo and behold I became a nurse, at a hospital no less that NEVER closes its doors, and I will always be working some random holiday... but that's a story for another day!

In an attempt to get inspiration for this blog, I read a lot of other blogs, a lot about running, some just about other people's lives, but I notice a trend in a lot of them, mine included (I am not immune to my very own list of pet peeves), this trend is bad grammar! The misuse of certain words, that I feel inclined to inform you and educate you on these and their uses! So, let's get started!

There are seven of them, and we have been discouraged from using them to start a sentence for like ever. BUT if you read here often, you notice that I start sentences with them ALL THE TIME! After doing some searching, here and here, I am convinced that I'm not breaking any huge cardinal rule of the English language. I am very informal, and am not really trying to win the Pulitzer prize or anything - just giving you an exclusive look inside the oh so interesting lives of the Tucker's.
Too vs To vs Two
Two is a NUMBER people a NUMBER . Don't use it unless you're replacing the NUMBER 2!
Too is used in the same way you would use also, or to describe something in excess
To used in every other situation
Their vs They're vs There
Their is possessive much like his, hers, and ours
They're (ughh contractions!) people if you use they're and you break it up in your sentence to 'they are' and it   does not make sense then don't use it! It is not right!
There is a place.
Than vs Then (I mess this one up all the time)
Than is used when comparing two different things
Then is talking about time

Okay, I feel better now that, that's all cleared up.

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