Sunday, July 31, 2011

No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch

Look what showed up in the mail just in time to get me motivated to start my training for the Nashville Women's half marathon -

I will be taking this to work tonight to read during my downtime my break. I am hoping that it will give me a huge dose of inspiration and be ready to go tomorrow. I am also looking forward to all the San Francisco Marathon/half marathon race reports - those should also provide a swift kick in the butt and make me want to make my feet hit the pavement for a good run. I have kind of fallen off the bandwagon a tad in the past few weeks. I did really well right after the RC cola and moon pie 10 miler, and I had a great week during starvation week (week before K's wedding...) probably had my highest mileage week that week. And now nothing. I did work on some mile sprints, where I ran my fastest mile ever at 8:59!! Thought I was going to hack up a lung, I'm just at a loss for words and in awe of those that can keep that pace for 26.2 miles... Nuts!! And then... it got hot. And my sleeping schedule is all kinds of out of whack right now and so it is generally still 110* outside when I want to run. I want to run, not die of a heat stroke... It is so hard to get motivated when the weather channel reports temps like these -

The humidity doesn't help. I get that I shouldn't complain because I mean hello - look at Texas. It was 108* in Dallas the other day. No thank you. I think that my life would be so much better in a climate with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s all year round. If you know where I can find that please let me know and I will move ASAP. Sign me up!

I think that it was a wonderful sign from God that I didn't sign up with any training groups for this half marathon. Not that I'm against running with other people, I actually think that would be just what I need, and I would love to have a buddy to keep me accountable and get me out of my PJs every once in a while but now that we're moving a million bajillion (919 miles to be exact) miles away (New York/Connecticut friends that might want to join me!?), the fact that I didn't pay to join one of these groups is a good thing. So instead of joining a group I downloaded the Runner's World Smart Coach app on my iphone. This contraption really is the best thing invented since sliced bread. 

I get my own personal coach right in my hand!! And I got to choose all my own settings, and how many miles I want to run each week, what goal I'm working toward and what my previous time has been and then it breaks it down day by day what you should be doing

Again I probably won't follow this to a "T" but I think it will be an excellent guideline and get me where I want to be. I have no huge lofty goals for this half seeing as how I have put off getting started but I would definitely like to be under 2hours 20min... eeks it is out there, for all the blog world to see! Not super impressive but hence the title of the post!  So now I have to do it. I will.. Training starts tomorrow

I'm hoping to stay with it consistently even with moving THIS WEEKEND eeks!!! I think with some minor tweaking and switching some days around, I can get it done! 

PS I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee so please excuse me excessive use of !!! and if I seem all over the place and lack any sort of direction..

We have a place to live!!

In my last post, I announced that we were moving back to New York!! I have been planning this post for a while in my head, but waiting for the opportunity to post it. Not the whole moving to New York thing, I was planning a "we're moving to - Florida, Mississippi, Texas, North Carolina, Alaska, Canada, West Viriginia, Ohio - you pick" post! But as it turns out it was a we're moving back to New York post! The past few months have been anything but perfect - but what in life is ever perfect? We have each other most importantly, we have our family, we have our friends, and we have our faith. As I have mentioned many a time, Jeremiah 29:11 is my life's motto and I frequently repeat it over and over in my "For I know the plans I have for you," - not always my exact plan but a plan. I have also recently come across  Proverbs 16:9 again and as I feel it directly applies to me, I have added that to my list of verses I repeat when things don't go my way it says, "The heart of a man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps."  I don't know who of the 10 of you faithful readers likes the group NeedtoBreathe, but I just love them. They are a mix between country and rock and they're just good. They have a song called Lay 'em down, you can listen here. But a group sang this song in church the other morning in acoustics and it was absolutely amazing, and it just hit me, and I just laid everything I was feeling - frustration, sadness, and just plain anger at the foot of the cross and it feels like life for us started to fall into place. We started to see His plan for us. Hence the move back to the Northeast!! Which could not happen at a more perfect time!! Do I wish that we had, had a glimpse into the future and known enough not to uproot our lives, only to turn around and re-uproot our lives and move back? Sure. But life doesn't always fit into a pretty little box with a beautifully tied bow, much to my chagrin. But this is probably okay, as I am a terrible bow tier and mine alone would never be perfect or beautiful.
Anywho, I just feel like you need a firm handle on your faith in Jesus Christ to go apartment hunting in the New York/southern Connecticut area, because if that doesn't test you than I don't know what will. To make the process more complicated we rented sight unseen, relying on wonderful friends whom we trust to do our viewing! We did not have long to search this time around and went through place after place, finding a place and losing a place and finding another place and losing that place. Finding a place only to find out that you can have 2 cats or 1 dog but not a dog and a cat... because who owns a dog and a cat!?! Or finding a place and finding out that your pet can't weigh more than 35lbs or there is only one floor that allows pets and you just missed the last apartment on that one floor that lets you have a pet. I think someone is super bored somewhere and decides that to entertain themselves they will make up these crazy pet rules and institute them in various places and then just sit back and watch. Where I just think it's plain rude. BUT lo and behold we found a place to live!! Woo hoo!! Now I like all the new and shiny and unused, but can you guess what I found? I found the old and the full of character and the if these walls could talk place. But I do have a great feeling about this place, and I think that it will be perfect for us. For the first time in our marriage we have more than one bedroom! SO come visit us!! But don't be a creepo and just show up... Allow me some time to clean up first please. Without further ado - our new humble abode in the lovely town of Greenwich, CT. (Close enough to the state of New York to still claim New York)

The backyard - Harley will have plenty of room to chase the ball and run in circles like he loves to do. We're also not too far from a local dog park. We are definitely going to have to work on his manners a little bit. 

My new reading room :) I think that my bookshelf and a nice little chair will fit very nicely in here. And I'm told it faces the south, so I can open the windows and drink a nice tall glass of sweet tea and dream of magnolia trees, the beach, and fried chicken. And talk like Scarlett O'Hara and just worry about it tomorrow!

The master bedroom. I would say where all the magic happens... but that is just so cliche and as I am still dreaming of my perfect reading room facing the south and wanting to portray Scarlett O'Hara, a southern lady would never talk like that. 

The guest bedroom. I'm thinking a futon or day bed and the computer perhaps a 2nd tv, because we're living the American dream, where we have access to a television in every room...

Are you thinking to yourself - why that looks an awful lot like my great aunt Agatha's bathroom... it probably is. I said the old and the full of character. It's starting to grow on me. It really is.

This is the biggest kitchen I've ever had. as a matter of fact our very first kitchen was about the size of the stove and counter you see right in front of you. We'll be able to fit our table! Exciting I know. And I have a washer and dryer, what more could I want?

That is it, home sweet home. We will be there oh so soon! I cannot wait! Mainly because the temperature will not hit the 90s this upcoming week, and that makes me blissfully happy. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top Ten Reason I love the South

Today I will be participating in my first bloggy link up and my very first top ten Tuesdays. This is great, mainly because it gives me a topic to write about and what better way to share my ode to all things southern!? These are in no particular order - just listed as they came to me. This top ten is very special to me because I can finally share my BIG Tucker family news!!! We are moving back to New York! Although I am a southern girl through and through those Yankees have won my heart over, and I could not be happier to be heading back!! So without further ado...

10. Sweet Tea - I love this heavenly beverage. A nice blend of black tea and sugar - yum yum! Put an IV in mean and keep it coming.

9. The beach - in Florida we're mere minutes from the beach and in Tennessee a few hours - but still. Being able to visit the sandy white beaches of the gulf coast whenever I want to - um yes please.

8. Fried chicken - need I say more? It is good anywhere you go. I love Chick fil a fried chicken, I love Danny's fried chicken fried chicken, I love love love the Loveless Cafe fried chicken. It is just so good. If I wasn't so worried about my ever expanding waste line, I would eat it every day - with a big ol' glass of sweet tea. And fried okra - I would just like to take this opportunity to say that southern people know how to  fry their food. They do. You can't find fried anything north of the Mason Dixon like you can south of it. Its true, and just a part of life. I mean we fry twinkies and snickers... 

7. The people - you never ever meet a stranger here. Your friends, moms, cousins, sister - you just met her? Great, she is now your new best friend. Everyone waves to each other, you always make eye contact and smile at the person passing by you. There is always a small town feel, even in the big city. Its comforting.

6. The festivals - we have things like the Mullet festival to celebrate the fish of course and the RC cola and moon pie festival and pumpkin patch festival and etowa cobbler festival, the peanut boil  festival, the Apalachicola seafood festival, a national banana pudding festival, bbq festivals - you name it - we're probably celebrating it and there is probably some sort of pageant associated with it. 

5. Afternoon thunderstorms - you can guarantee on any given afternoon around 3 or 4 pm clouds will more than likely be rolling in from the west due to some sort of front... I don't pay too much attention - I just know I love them and the sound of thunder, and my ability to lay down and take a nap at that moment. 

4.Country music! Every other radio station is playing country music. I love it. 

3. The seafood - scallops, oysters straight from the bay, fish - going back to #8 - fried fish, hushpuppies, shrimp boils - yum yum! 

2. The pace - everything is much slower, you know that when someone says meet you at 6:15, they really mean 6:30. 

1. I love knowing that when I call my dad at 5pm and he doesn't pick up his phone - he is riding his tractor. For fun...

While I love all these things, I also love New York and am so excited to get back! I think there may be another top ten post in my future =) 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Main Squeeze Monday: the you thought I disappeared again, but I didn't

I had planned a fabulous wedding MSM (main squeeze Monday) post for last week, and then I slept all day.. so that was out and then I got lazy. Story of my life. So I thought what a perfect day to come back - my favorite day with some of my favs over the past 10 days!

First and foremost my life's motto - Jeremiah 29:11 -  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
I repeat this over and over in my head on a daily basis, and yet as a sinful human being I fail at fully trusting this verse and His plan for my life. I have a plan for my life and it's a great one and rather then sit back and wait for His time, I usually dive in head first and question later. I often pray that my plan is God's plan. But lo and behold He knows the plans that He has for me! And they are so not my plans!! But exciting ones none the less. It is a daily struggle but I am learning to fully put my trust in Him. And so should you. We can work on that together!! Also, I'll fill you in on this plan a little later, when all of the details are fully in place!

Somebody turned one! My favorite little boy in the world had his first birthday and we were there to celebrate! It so funny to watch them at that age with the cake, all the textures and different tastes. Oh, and the mess too. But he is so cute, and hopefully we'll get to spend many, many more birthdays with him, even if they happen to be on Skype.

This girl got married while we were in Florida and I was so excited to get to be by her side and return the favor! I loved her wedding dress, and the food, and got to get some great ideas for my next wedding! Just kidding! No, but really, at least for my vow renewal in 20 years - it will be on a private island!

Getting to see and enjoy this amazing view from the dock of some family friends for July 4th. I could totally live with having to wake up and go to bed to that every day. 

Junk food runs to Target. Skinny Cow popsicles, chips and salsa, pringles, nutella and poptarts - YUM! If you can't make runs like these with your other half and trust him not to judge you, then who can you make junk food runs with!?

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I promise to be back with our BIG family news soon!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

June Recap

Just a little late... We had an amazing time in Florida and I've been recouping myself... at work. I don't know about y'all but I am not sure where the year has gone!? We're already halfway through 2011, almost through an entire presidential term, again, I don't know about y'all but these four years have felt like an entire lifetime. But, alas, I'm not here to talk politics. You'll have to talk to Doogie about that one, he is our guru on all things Washington. It's true.

I had a lot of goals for June - blogging more regularly, running 120 miles for the entire month, joining the YMCA women's marathon training group...
I have blogged more often, 14 times in the month of June - that must be some kind of record for those of us who have issues with commitment, and I really only like to blog when I have something substantial to talk about, which isn't often. Who am I to bore you, with monotonous details of my boring life?
Um about that 120 miles in June. Such lofty goals I aspire to... I did run 74 miles, which again, is some kind of record for this couch potato! I will increase this number, like, maybe when its not 110 degrees outside and I'm not as likely to run into all things creepy and crawly!
And, as for the YMCA training group, they had me at the training shirt, and lost at the 6am saturday morning runs.. Um yeah, not exactly my best hour of the day. I'm more of a 6pm - ish runner... It was also going to cost like $250.. If you'd like to point me to the money tree, maybe put a neon sign above it? Thanks!

June was super jam packed for us though -
The hubs and I celebrated TWO years of marriage!

Rod and Juls came to visit us and cheer me on as I ran the RC cola and moon pie 10 mile run and we got to celebrate Father's Day with them and Luke celebrated his first Father's day as a dad to our furry babies!

The very next weekend Lindsay (the sister) and her hubs Chris came to see us! I've been waiting for this since we moved to New York, but luckily Nashville is closer and a little more feasible! We had a great saturday at the Nashville flea market and then dinner down town!

We also took them to Loveless Cafe our staple tourist attraction, the place where we take EVERYONE. So if you want to come visit us, just know that we're headed there to eat some yummy southern goodness food!

I hope you all had a lovely June and the July has started out fabulously. I have some things I'd like to accomplish this month, considering its basically the middle of the month already and I'm just now starting to wake up... Literally. No worries, I won't disappear for so long, I'll be back with a Florida weekend recap oh so soon! Happy Friday!