Friday, July 8, 2011

June Recap

Just a little late... We had an amazing time in Florida and I've been recouping myself... at work. I don't know about y'all but I am not sure where the year has gone!? We're already halfway through 2011, almost through an entire presidential term, again, I don't know about y'all but these four years have felt like an entire lifetime. But, alas, I'm not here to talk politics. You'll have to talk to Doogie about that one, he is our guru on all things Washington. It's true.

I had a lot of goals for June - blogging more regularly, running 120 miles for the entire month, joining the YMCA women's marathon training group...
I have blogged more often, 14 times in the month of June - that must be some kind of record for those of us who have issues with commitment, and I really only like to blog when I have something substantial to talk about, which isn't often. Who am I to bore you, with monotonous details of my boring life?
Um about that 120 miles in June. Such lofty goals I aspire to... I did run 74 miles, which again, is some kind of record for this couch potato! I will increase this number, like, maybe when its not 110 degrees outside and I'm not as likely to run into all things creepy and crawly!
And, as for the YMCA training group, they had me at the training shirt, and lost at the 6am saturday morning runs.. Um yeah, not exactly my best hour of the day. I'm more of a 6pm - ish runner... It was also going to cost like $250.. If you'd like to point me to the money tree, maybe put a neon sign above it? Thanks!

June was super jam packed for us though -
The hubs and I celebrated TWO years of marriage!

Rod and Juls came to visit us and cheer me on as I ran the RC cola and moon pie 10 mile run and we got to celebrate Father's Day with them and Luke celebrated his first Father's day as a dad to our furry babies!

The very next weekend Lindsay (the sister) and her hubs Chris came to see us! I've been waiting for this since we moved to New York, but luckily Nashville is closer and a little more feasible! We had a great saturday at the Nashville flea market and then dinner down town!

We also took them to Loveless Cafe our staple tourist attraction, the place where we take EVERYONE. So if you want to come visit us, just know that we're headed there to eat some yummy southern goodness food!

I hope you all had a lovely June and the July has started out fabulously. I have some things I'd like to accomplish this month, considering its basically the middle of the month already and I'm just now starting to wake up... Literally. No worries, I won't disappear for so long, I'll be back with a Florida weekend recap oh so soon! Happy Friday!

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