Monday, July 18, 2011

Main Squeeze Monday: the you thought I disappeared again, but I didn't

I had planned a fabulous wedding MSM (main squeeze Monday) post for last week, and then I slept all day.. so that was out and then I got lazy. Story of my life. So I thought what a perfect day to come back - my favorite day with some of my favs over the past 10 days!

First and foremost my life's motto - Jeremiah 29:11 -  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
I repeat this over and over in my head on a daily basis, and yet as a sinful human being I fail at fully trusting this verse and His plan for my life. I have a plan for my life and it's a great one and rather then sit back and wait for His time, I usually dive in head first and question later. I often pray that my plan is God's plan. But lo and behold He knows the plans that He has for me! And they are so not my plans!! But exciting ones none the less. It is a daily struggle but I am learning to fully put my trust in Him. And so should you. We can work on that together!! Also, I'll fill you in on this plan a little later, when all of the details are fully in place!

Somebody turned one! My favorite little boy in the world had his first birthday and we were there to celebrate! It so funny to watch them at that age with the cake, all the textures and different tastes. Oh, and the mess too. But he is so cute, and hopefully we'll get to spend many, many more birthdays with him, even if they happen to be on Skype.

This girl got married while we were in Florida and I was so excited to get to be by her side and return the favor! I loved her wedding dress, and the food, and got to get some great ideas for my next wedding! Just kidding! No, but really, at least for my vow renewal in 20 years - it will be on a private island!

Getting to see and enjoy this amazing view from the dock of some family friends for July 4th. I could totally live with having to wake up and go to bed to that every day. 

Junk food runs to Target. Skinny Cow popsicles, chips and salsa, pringles, nutella and poptarts - YUM! If you can't make runs like these with your other half and trust him not to judge you, then who can you make junk food runs with!?

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I promise to be back with our BIG family news soon!!

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