Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top Ten Reason I love the South

Today I will be participating in my first bloggy link up and my very first top ten Tuesdays. This is great, mainly because it gives me a topic to write about and what better way to share my ode to all things southern!? These are in no particular order - just listed as they came to me. This top ten is very special to me because I can finally share my BIG Tucker family news!!! We are moving back to New York! Although I am a southern girl through and through those Yankees have won my heart over, and I could not be happier to be heading back!! So without further ado...

10. Sweet Tea - I love this heavenly beverage. A nice blend of black tea and sugar - yum yum! Put an IV in mean and keep it coming.

9. The beach - in Florida we're mere minutes from the beach and in Tennessee a few hours - but still. Being able to visit the sandy white beaches of the gulf coast whenever I want to - um yes please.

8. Fried chicken - need I say more? It is good anywhere you go. I love Chick fil a fried chicken, I love Danny's fried chicken fried chicken, I love love love the Loveless Cafe fried chicken. It is just so good. If I wasn't so worried about my ever expanding waste line, I would eat it every day - with a big ol' glass of sweet tea. And fried okra - I would just like to take this opportunity to say that southern people know how to  fry their food. They do. You can't find fried anything north of the Mason Dixon like you can south of it. Its true, and just a part of life. I mean we fry twinkies and snickers... 

7. The people - you never ever meet a stranger here. Your friends, moms, cousins, sister - you just met her? Great, she is now your new best friend. Everyone waves to each other, you always make eye contact and smile at the person passing by you. There is always a small town feel, even in the big city. Its comforting.

6. The festivals - we have things like the Mullet festival to celebrate the fish of course and the RC cola and moon pie festival and pumpkin patch festival and etowa cobbler festival, the peanut boil  festival, the Apalachicola seafood festival, a national banana pudding festival, bbq festivals - you name it - we're probably celebrating it and there is probably some sort of pageant associated with it. 

5. Afternoon thunderstorms - you can guarantee on any given afternoon around 3 or 4 pm clouds will more than likely be rolling in from the west due to some sort of front... I don't pay too much attention - I just know I love them and the sound of thunder, and my ability to lay down and take a nap at that moment. 

4.Country music! Every other radio station is playing country music. I love it. 

3. The seafood - scallops, oysters straight from the bay, fish - going back to #8 - fried fish, hushpuppies, shrimp boils - yum yum! 

2. The pace - everything is much slower, you know that when someone says meet you at 6:15, they really mean 6:30. 

1. I love knowing that when I call my dad at 5pm and he doesn't pick up his phone - he is riding his tractor. For fun...

While I love all these things, I also love New York and am so excited to get back! I think there may be another top ten post in my future =) 

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  1. Love it, Holly!!! :) I am so happy for you and Luke, but of course bummed that we will miss you. I love that we will get to keep in touch like this. You always make me smile. Happy moving!!! (Oh, and I've been informed that Rochester has a TON of festivals, so if you need a reason to celebrate, come on over!)

  2. Im from Florida and I love sweet tea, fried chicken & the beach...Im in Hawaii now & sweet tea does not exist around here :(