Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My new kicks

I have been in a serious running rut. I'm not even really serious enough in the first place for this rut to be considered a for real rut. If I were as serious as I needed to be about to run my third half marathon, I would be in a rut. But for reals, I am lacking some serious motivation. Partly because I hated my shoes.. I loved them at first and then I lost a toe nail, and am about to lose a second. I don't know about y'all but losing a toe nail kind of hurts. So I have been on the hunt for new shoes, I love Asics, I am generally a loyal customer, I have been since high school. But the Nike lover in me thought that I needed to just try Nike one more time. I know that Nike isn't exactly made for people with wide ogre-ish feet like mine but I just needed confirmation.. again. I got that confirmation after my first toe nail fatality. I don't have cute feet to begin with a now I'm a toe nail short.. Not Cool. So with all the labor day sales happening today I purchased these beauties - 

The Asics gel Keyano 17. I bought the Keyano 16 last year, just in time for my first marathon. I loved those shoes. I ran in them all the way through April I loved them so much. They make me feel like I'm running on a cloud. And the best part - Asics makes shoes for people with ogre-ish feet, and to date I have never lost a toe nail while wearing them. And they come in pink. I am once again a happy runner. And what better way to find your mojo than to invest in a great pair of shoes!

Also in preparation for the Nashville women's half that the sister and I are running in three weeks, she had shirts made for us - it's a surprise what they look like but I'm pretty sure mine says something along the lines of I run for cupcakes or some such nonsense. But I know that it is pink and that it matches these - !!!!

These are fun - so much fun. Not that we're going to need something to make us stand out in a crowd because I'm pretty sure we'll be bringing up the rear. I mean someone has to finish last right? These will serve the purpose of reminding us that we are out there to have fun. We don't need to win anything, just so long as we cross the finish line in one piece, whether it be crawling, walking, or running...

And just because he is just way too cute, I have to share this picture of Wyatt braving tropical storm Lee. I might be slightly biased, but he is absolutely the cutest cheesin' little boy I have ever seen. Don't worry or call DCS just yet, he wasn't alone - his mommy and daddy were out there with him.. Someone had to take pictures.

Proverbs 16:9


  1. I love asics too :) Even though you will be blazing in Nashville in 3 weeks, hope I get to see you...nearer the Ave...because that is where I will be with the twins!! YAY!

  2. i haven't run in asics in years. may need to try them out again!
    loved my saucony's that i used for the seaside half but they are wore out!
    you'll probably zoom right on by me at the next one!

  3. Mrs. Janie I will only be there for 2 days, I certainly plan to spend some time with you and Libby and Laney and Lauren too!! Paige I highly doubt that I will be passing you, I very rarely pass anyone!! I am generally the passee not the passer!! :)

  4. Sister, your shirt says no such thing.... Thanks for putting the picture of wyatt up, it is my new fave! He can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!!! He keeps sating E, EEE, Eeeee and I just know he is calling out your name!!!