Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hurricane Harley

Remember when I posted this picture last week. Of a  little puppy, who was being so sweet and still and calm and asleep as I read my bible. 

Well when I woke up Friday afternoon, before I had to go to work, I woke up to this...

This was my Bible. On the living room floor. In many, many pieces. I'm beginning to think that he was just biding his time, just waiting to get his teeth on the leather cover...

This is what is left of the Bible that I have had since my sophomore year of high school. To top it off, when I got on Amazon to start looking for a new one, I found the exact same bible. I was so excited that the same one was still available, because I do hate change. Lo and behold, there is ONE copy left with this binding in all of the world wide web, and would you like to know how much this ONE copy is going for? $168. Yes my friends, my bible, the very same one that I paid $20 for almost 8 years ago could be mine for the price of $168. Yikes! So, needless to say I found a very pretty purple one to order. Now I am so not opposed to a little duct tape, but sadly I am missing a few pages that I believe are being digested as I write this in a certain animal's stomach. While, yes, I was mad at Harley, I also realized that my bible is just a thing. Yes, I need one because my memory is so not what it was when I attempted to do bible drill when I was 10, but I carry His word with me in my head and my heart. It just hit home for me that there are so many millions and billions of people that have no access to a bible, and here I have a huge, excessive world wide web outlet at my fingertips to look and browse through hundreds, and it is going to be delivered to my door step, no less. It is eye opening, to know what I have available to me, and how I want to make all that I have available to others...

I'll just leave you with a picture so you and I both can forget the destructiveness of my puppy... I think he's sorry. 

**the title of this post was recently edited because I became more creative 12 hours after the original post**

Proverbs 16:9


  1. Oh, NO! Harley!!! But great perspective, Holly!! What a good reminder of how very spoiled we are. Love to you!

  2. Harley, Harley, Harley!!! Goodness, he is so cute though, how could you not forgive that face!! ~KiMi