Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!

While in the midst of searching for new running shoes, I also, was on the hunt for comfortable, casual flats. Say it with me folks, comfortable, casual, flats... that also go with everything. I am on a never ending search for flats that I like. This is a near impossible feat if you are as picky as I am. I'll drop a pretty penny on shoes that I'm actually going to wear, but in a flat, I need cheap, and I sincerely hate flats that show to the toe butt crack. You know, the crease with your big toe and second toe when they're crammed into a shoe... Yeah I need that to be covered. It just bothers me. It looks like a butt crack, y'all, on your feet! To those of you that really know me, you know that my wardrobe consists of scrubs, nike running shorts, t shirts and more scrubs, so why the need for flats. I mean hello people, I rock crocs quite often and I am not ashamed. But alas my search is over. I am also probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon and I am okay with that. I'm a fashion follower, not a fashion leader. I finally bought a pair of Tom's.

And they came today!! These are taking the place of flip flops in my casual world, because y'all I haven't had a pedicure in months, and if you remember, I am missing a toe nail at the moment.. No one needs to see that. It would scare the kids. I realize that a majority of the population finds these shoes ugly, and I must admit sometimes I do too. But its for a good cause, and I am all about supporting a good cause. I buy a pair of shoes, and in return a needy child gets a pair of shoes. A win win. Even the hubs thinks they are ugly. But lucky for me, he knows even less about fashion than I do, so I technically don't have to listen to his opinion. Anywho - I ordered the silver morocco classics -

I really like them, and I cannot wait to wear them! And I can wear them with anything. And even better they don't make my already massive feet look like the boats that they are. I also needed a good closed toe shoe for when the temperatures start to drop, like below 60, because for this Florida girl, temps in the 50s = winter, and in a different post all together we'll chat about how I can't wear boots to keep my feet warm, so I have to have a good flat. Anywho, thanks TOM, I am uber excited and cannot wait to rock these out and about - since I do have a full social calender.. 

In other news, the kitty kitty went to the vet today. We have one sick cat on our hands. And to make things worse the poor thing got attacked by a dog (not Harley!!)! Not like full on, but the dog definitely nicked him and in return the cat tore the hubs to pieces, so the vet had to doctor on an animal and a human today... The Doogs is on a raw diet and antibiotics, and blood work should be back next week. I think Harley had a feeling that Doogie was going to the vet and was going to have a rough go of it and he just sat at the door and waited and cried.. He's a good brother. 

Edited - PS y'all I won Texas honey from that pink girl this week!! She was doing a give away and all I had to do was leave a comment with my favorite book as a child growing up.  Which was N-O spells NO - not the most engaging of child reading BUT I did learn to spell NO!! And I won!! I was so very excited, I've been reading her blog for a little over a year now. Yay for honey!!

Proverbs 16:9 

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  1. Nice! I've had the Tom's wrap boots for about a year now and l-o-v-e them. Enjoy!