Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Update

Doesn't that sound like I'm updating you on the channel 3 news? I can't promise that anything I have to say is going to be any more or less important than what they might have to say to you - but I can promise that I don't have perfect hair, white teeth, and a tailored suit and I'm probably not as depressing. My update has nothing to do with the national debt, the jobs number, or the decline of the dollar. But I digress... And I'm just quoting things I've heard on CNBC and know absolutely nothing about.

Update: the book club!! So I have had some response on people wanting to join me in this. And by some response, I mean like 3 people but I think that's enough. I might be able to talk my mom into it. I'm not really sure how we'll do it. No hard and fast rules or parameters. I'm pretty flexible and it might not even last that long... BUT in the mean time I did pick out a book. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.

The book is about twin brothers who are orphaned who live in Ethiopia in the brink of a revolution. They then move from Ethiopia to New York and back. Barnes and Noble says that the book " is an unforgettable story of love and betrayal, medicine and ordinary miracles." Sign me up. I say, if you want to read it, pick it up at your favorite bookstore or download it on your preferred e-reader device or order it and have it delivered right to your doorstep and we'll meet back in two weeks? Four weeks? I realize that I have a lot more free time than the average person, so y'all tell me. 

I'm also reading Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and have Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot  by Elizabeth Elliot that is waiting to be read. So if you'd rather read one of those or a completely different book that's fine too! Like I said, no parameters. We'll just all figure this out together and see what works. And I'll take suggestions too!

Update: The Westchester Quarter Marathon! After some debate, and reading 10k on this page and quarter marathon on another page, I have solved this mystery - the hubs and I are running a quarter marathon tomorrow morning. That is 26.2/4 = 6.55miles. So a smidge longer than a 10k but not by much. The weather is supposed to be perfect at a balmy 63 degrees when we start at 9am, or so says I think I'll like starting at 9am much better than 7am that is the usual start time for races. It was much colder last year when I ran the half. I must say I'm having some race envy reading everyone's tweets and blog posts about the Chicago marathon tomorrow morning, but I will take the Westchester Quarter Marathon over not running at all. And maybe I'll be ready for Chicago next year? AND can I just tell you again how much I like smaller races! If you remember last year, they only had unisex shirts, I got a medium, it is huge and I have never worn it. BUT this year they had men's and women's sizes, but again, I'm not really a fan of the women's because people just haven't mastered the fit of a women's fitted tech shirt, so I was able to get a men's small! Lots of options. Thank you genesis adventures! I semi carb loaded (it's a 10k) tonight with a taco salad -

My meals have never been so colorful! But it was super delicious! I really just needed some guacamole from Whole Foods and it would have been complete. Now I must go figure out what I'm going to wear and figure out how to transfer my iTunes songs from one computer to another (the bane of my existence). I'm super excited, it's the first time the hubs and I will be running together. Well, I told him that if I was holding him back then just go ahead without me, but he also hasn't really been running, and his answer was "dear, anyone could run 6.5 miles at your pace." Cool. Thanks. 

Proverbs 16:9


  1. I have Cutting for Stone! But, now I'm reading Born to Run!

  2. I read Those Who Save Us- not too bad. I'm like you Holly, I'm reading 2 books now and I have 2 "on deck": I'm reading the 3rd book of the Game of Thrones series and Jaycee Dugard's memoir now, then I have The Ninth Wife and Miracle In The Andes waiting to go, in addition to the 4th and 5th Game of Thrones books!