Monday, October 3, 2011

Westchester Medical Center QUARTER Marathon

Why yes, it is three o'clock in the morning, and I just signed the hubs and I up for a quarter marathon. He cannot back out now, for he is asleep and was unable to stop me (insert evil laugh). It must be the time.. Or I still have a high from the half last weekend, and I'm feeling the need to get out there again with a bunch of other people who enjoy running too, and feed off their highs.

For those of you who remember that short while, where I kind of blogged last year, right before I stopped? Yeah, I was "training" for my first half marathon during that time. It was a small  event and I could walk to the start line from my apartment, and it was flat. Sign me up! I also use the word training loosely because I didn't start road running until last September, all my running before that was done on the dreadmill, which I kind of enjoyed, not so much anymore. But anywho, I ran it, and I survived and I was hooked, and I've even dragged my sister into the downhill/uphill spiral that is running races. And now I'm going to drag the hubs along this time. He pushes me, and makes me run a little faster. Sometimes it makes me love him and want to thank him for pushing me and sometimes I just want to yell "I DON'T WANT TO RUN FASTER, AND NO I CAN'T DO IT, I'M GOING TO HACK UP A LUNG!!!!", but I don't. I'm curious as to how we'll do, or if he'll get annoyed 3 miles in and ditch me. It's the way we roll, or run shall I say. I'll be sure to let y'all know! I had plans to run the half, because it was my first one and it kind of holds a special place in my heart and I didn't think I'd ever be running it again, but lo and behold, here we are and the opportunity presented itself BUT I work Friday night and then again on Sunday night. I feel like I can handle 6.55 miles on a Sunday morning before work on little to no sleep, but 13.1... that's a whole different ball game. And oh yeah, I did just run a half last week. But I've taken a few days off, did a 48 hour juice fast/detox/diet/what-have-you (don't worry, y'all will hear ALL about that one) and now I'm ready to get the ball rolling again! And get a new racing outfit!! Because what makes running more fun than having something really cute to run in!?

This was my finish last year, so now I will be able to reminisce and run in my inaugural race, and I'm super excited!! I have a small goal, finish in 1:10. That's like an 11ish minute mile. Which again for my speedy friends, that is me booking it. And again to take a good picture. That is hard y'all, I never know if they're taking the picture or not and if I smile will they catch it!? I'm not that photogenic to begin with and now I'm going to try and get a moving picture from the worst angle ever, you know, where they're shooting up at you and you're like I hope all my chins aren't exposed... disastrous. 

While I have your attention - I tweeted yesterday to all 5 of my followers - you all know I want to run a marathon - should I run a big one and feed off the crowds or should I start off small and just take it all in the first time around? (you noticed I said first time...) No plans yet, I haven't picked one, but I'm looking...

Proverbs 16:9

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