Friday, October 14, 2011

Westchester Quarter Marathon Review

Hey Friends! I am writing to you from Dallas!! From a pretty sweet Mac (I kind of want to come over to the better dark side of computers...) I had plans to write to you before I left, but lo and behold I blew a fuse and took out the power in half of our house, and then we were unable to get in the basement to fix the breaker or whatever it is that you switch back on when one blows a fuse... did you follow all that? Needless to day, we were in the dark, with no TV, no AC, and no internet. It was like life before electricity. Good thing we only had to live in the pioneer days for a little over eight hours because any more than that might have been disasterous.

Anywho, if you remember, because it's been so long, the hubs and I ran in the Westchester Quarter marathon on Sunday morning. It was my first quarter marathon, as well as the hubs, so we PR'ed!! I'm not sure if there is such a thing as positive splits but I figure it's the opposite of negative splits.. and seeing as how I didn't have negative splits, I has positive splits. I ran the first couple miles around a 10:20/mile and then just continued to slow down from there.. BUT none of my miles were over 12 minutes!! The Garmin says that I ran 6.64 miles (I must not have run the tangents or whatever) in 1:14:59 which is an 11:18 mile and I had to walk a little, because I'm a wimp and was having crazy GI issues where I felt like I was going to hurl most of the time, and I haven't learned to just push through that feeling yet. But the good news is I was right on point with my Nashville Women's half time. Remember when I said that the hubs is generally faster than me, even though he never runs and he'd probably eventually get frustrated with me and go on... Well I kept up with him for the first two miles and then started to slowly slow down, found a nice pacer, and got behind her for the duration. Like the sweet boy he is, he did stop to wait for me at a water station and I told him to go on. He ran it in 1:10, which for someone who never, ever runs, I was too proud to be jealous. I  continued to follow my friend - I don't know her but she had the perfect pace for me - until about mile 5 when my stomach started to feel like a solid rock turning inside of me and wrapping my intestines up with it. I ate what I always eat before I run - a banana, almond butter, and honey english muffin - but I added some cut up strawberries and honeydew thinking how pretty and colorful and healthy I was being. Then I read in Runner's World when I got home about being careful about adding fruit to your before run meal... that would have been good to know before this mishap. But now I know. And I won't be making that mistake again! Anywho, it was a good fun run - and I got some good solid sleep after before I had to go to work. I'm glad that the hubs was able to run with/in front of me even if it did kill his knees and hip and had him walking like the old man he is. All in all, it was a good fun run for me, surrounded by some super fast people that I'm pretty sure use this as a training run for the NYC marathon, and got me out there and I got another tshirt out of the deal!

I ordered Run Faster and Advanced Marathoning from B&N and plan to use the rest of October and November on doing speed work and hills and eating better and just trying to get faster. I plan to use these books to compile the perfect training plan for the Seaside Half Marathon in March and finally, in my fourth half PR. That's the plan anyway. I'll take any advice any of you kind readers have for me as well - especially if it has anything to do with hibernating all winter. I'm going to try and boycott it, but living in Connecticut, we'll see how that goes. My main plan is to figure out how to stay warm, and keep running outside. I know, hardcore. That is so not me.

Sorry I'm a lame-o and have no pictures, I do have a couple, and if you're super interested I posted post- race pics to twitter and you can find some pretty sweet pics of us posing with our medals but this Mac is kind of complicated and seeing as how I'm borrowing it, I don't really feel like breaking it.. Now I really must get some zzz's I have to be at full capacity to baby shower it up this weekend with my bestie!!

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  1. Sometime you can't push through the GI issues. I don't have them very often, but when I do, you just have to take care of business sometimes. ;)

    I have both of those books and they are filled with great information. I use the advanced marathoning 12/70 program. I think Pfitz works well for me.