Monday, November 14, 2011

Main Squeeze Monday: Running Clothes

Hello my name is Holly and I am addicted to buying running clothes. 

I have some personal preference to what I wear, but at the same time I do not. If it gets a good review, and it's cute, and it says something about sweat wicking and keeping ones self dry, then I'm game to try it. I do try to check out prices and really mull over something before I buy it, and I'm really a believer in quality because when you're wearing something 7 out of 7 days of the week, you want it to last. I love Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon, Asics, whatever. I am slightly more partial to Nike and Lululemon - I'm sure that the hubs and my wallet wish that I was not partial to these particular brands - but again I'm all about quality... and obviously not quanitity, because from the looks of it I own about 20 pairs of Nike Tempo shorts. I love them, my collection started my freshman year of college and has just expanded since then. I can sweat all day long (which I do) and while these get gross and nasty - they dry quick and I don't feel as gross and nasty as I probably should. Now I am semi- new to Lululemon. I had actually never heard of this company and their workout clothes until I moved to New York and actually had access to the store. Their prices scared me. Scared me. So I stayed away. Then I heard over and over how great their products were and how I really needed  to try their stuff. So I gave in to peer pressure.. I'm an easy target and as gullible as they come... so I saved up for pair of the Wunder Under crop pants to wear for my first half marathon, because by golly it was getting cold and I needed a new outfit to run in. I loved them. 

They fit perfect, although they do show off the saddle bags a little more than I'd like - but for someone who hates hugging spandex and clothing that actually touches my skin I did really like these. They kept me warm, without being too warm, and I never felt super sweaty. Again, huge in my book. I don't know how long y'all have been around this blog here, and how many times I've mentioned it in this single post, but I sweat a lot. It does not matter the temperature. So when I found out that we were moving and I would not have access to a Lululemon store, and I do hate ordering things online, I went and invested in two more pairs of the wunder under crop. They have all since lasted me an entire year. and are still like new. Except for all the dog hair covering them... I'm pretty sure I didn't buy them like that. Side note: One should not buy black things and have a dog that sheds white hair... These 3 pairs of crops thus ended my shopping affair with Lululemon. I peruse their website like everyday and think of all the cool things that I could wear when running, and I'm not even that serious about running. But I am 100% all about comfort. So when I signed up for the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and I started thinking about just how cold it might be I started really looking for something that might keep me warm and reading reviews, etc. I have been looking for warm pants and I found this cool running website Oiselle - which is a small company with AMAZING customer service and actual elite runners working and designing the clothes. Now again, I am far from what I consider to be a serious runner but I am super serious about staying warm. So on Sally's (she's like the founder and CEO and she took the time to email me back.. within an hour... so cool) recommendation from Oiselle I ordered the Onyx running tight. She had just been visiting New York and said this is what I wanted. 

It says they're made of brushed nylon and spandex, and like a fleece lining to keep you nice and warm. Yes, please. I love fleece. I'll let you know when they get here what I think. I also jumped the gun and bought my first top from Lululemon - a run swiftly tech shirt - again, I am serious about staying warm. 

It is made to wear as a base layer under a jacket until you're warm enough - which generally happens pretty quickly for me - it is also anti-chafing - which again happens quite often to me and it hurts real bad so I need that - and moisture wicking. PLUS the girl at the Lululemon store was SO nice! I had to buy it. Considering where I live, I never expect people to be nice, which is kind of sad, but true. Actually two of their sales people were SO nice! And since they are so nice, they now have my loyalty, I love good customer service! Another side note: I found this to be true at Saks too! (Big surprise!!)

I love getting new running clothes as much as I love getting a cupcake from Crumbs - OR banana pudding from Magnolia bakery... mm SO good. Oh yeah, and if you don't own a pair of Nike tempo shorts - I highly recommend investing in a pair, even if it's just to wear around the house with your slippers. 

Proverbs 16:9


  1. I love lululemon, for more than just their clothes! I join the store in Boulder on Tuesday nights for run club! Very fun and motivating to meet others for an easy run.

  2. I have a long standing love affair with Nike Tempos. They are the only shorts I run in. So comfy and they come in some many fun color combinations!
    Okay, your fleece pants sound so soft and super comfy. But it never gets cold enough here for fleece running gear!

  3. @theblonderuns - our lululemon doesn't have a run club =(( I wish it did!! but they are so super nice that I would buy anything they told me to!!
    @TPG- oh my gosh the tempos - if the hubs says one more time - don't you already have a pair of those.. as if I could just have "a" pair... please And I will so let you know about my new pants!! I might just end up wearing them around the house!