Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaching New Lows...

As friends - since we all are so close - I really must share the new low that I reached today. I woke up at 730am and was slightly unproductive, which isn't unusual but I had wonderful plans to run outside and enjoy the amazing fall weather that is happening here in the northeast. I even got dressed in a real cute Lululemon from head to toe outfit

If trying out a great new shirt isn't motivation, than I don't know what is. BUT my dear friends can we please be so honest with each other - and please right now don't judge me when I share with you that I had this outfit on, with my ipod, ready to go outside on the sidewalk - than thought about how hungry I still was and how I had forgotten my Garmin upstairs, and that is my running crutch, makes me feel all official and such - so I went upstairs to grab it real quick - and my friends, this is a true story - I changed my clothes and went straight to Crumbs to get one of these -

(I had to reuse a picture because I ate mine so fast)

Confession: It did not meet my pumpkin loving expectations. When I eat a cupcake, and waste my calories I want it to be good and worth it. This was not. I might have to go to Crumbs again, soon, for redemption of course...

and I had to hang out with this sweet little girl and her sister and her mommy -

Sometimes holding a baby trumps running...

I am not proud of this - this is why I am not a serious  runner and I am sooo slow. And I know this. I am a work in progress. And I'm glad that we're all such great friends and I can be so honest with y'all.  

Proverbs 16:9

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