Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I love fall! It is unbelievably beautiful in the northeast right now. As much as I miss Florida and the beach - our leaves don't even know what the colors orange, red, and yellow even are. 

"therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the gentiles, and sing praises to Your name.." 2 Samuel 22:50

Today I am thankful for...

Dear Friends: Near and far. I am so thankful for great friends here in Connecticut - that we all live so close to each other now and can just drop in whenever for whatever reason. And that I actually have the chance to love on these sweet faces whenever I want - Laney and Libby

Since I never get to see this sweet mug -

And for friends far far away that we can call and chat and it's like we never even went months in the first place. And for all my friends that are about to become mommies and daddies (I know I touched on that last week) but I just can't be thankful enough and excited enough for them all. From the fullness of His grace, we have all received on blessing after another. John 1:16

Cracker Barrel: yes friends, I am thankful for Cracker Barrel. If you've never eaten there you should, than you will understand. Seeing as how the hubs and I live so far away from our families and neither of us have enough time off work to go home and be with family (go ahead, feel bad for us) But again, we have wonderful friends to celebrate with and lucky for us Cracker Barrel is open on Thanksgiving and I'm going to go all American and traditional on y'all and eat this -

Nice sales people: Such a simple thing really, but I'm finding them harder and harder to come by. Remember when I went shopping at Lululemon and the girls there were SO nice. And at Saks no less, the lady at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter, after only two visits, remembers my name. That is special (said in my most southern Scarlett O'hara voice) Especially in a time when everyone is so me me me - we should all just be nice in our day to day life. So, I am thankful for nice people.

Whole Foods: because they make the most wonderful salad with the most freshly prepared ingredients -

What are y'all thankful for today?

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  1. Your blog, so that I can keep up with your life! miss you!