Friday, December 30, 2011

11 things in 2011

So for those of you that have been around since the second beginning of this little blog here, know that our 2011 is ending nothing like what we had imagined. But when in life do things every really go the way we plan them? I think we've experienced quite a bit, and learned quite a bit, and we'll be coming out on the other side in 2012 as older and wiser... okay older.. we still have a lot to learn, but this year was definitely a bell curve for us...

1. A year ago to the day we had moved our entire lives to Nashville, TN where I landed my "dream job" (I use quotations because in fact, I am still figuring out what "dream job" means exactly and how one finds it, or knows that it is in fact, the job of their dreams)

Anywho, we were closer to our families in Florida, so this was a major plus, and we were able to go home a lot! Too much, probably...

2. We had our first major crisis in our little married life together - We totaled our truck. The only car we had had for two years. When someone tells you it never snows in Nashville. They lie. And when I say snow, I mean 2 inches, and just because you lived in New York where they're equipped for snow, the south is not equipped for 2 inches. True story. So when I tell you to heed my advice, really do... Do not drive if it snows in middle Tennessee or Alabama. Even if it is just a measly 2 inches, which is nothing in comparison to the feet"s" of snow that happen north of the Mason Dixon. Just sayin'. So to my mother in law - when you scroll down, just remember that we are alive and well... 

3. The above led us to make us make our first big grown up purchase - a new car! A new car that we needed cheap, and fast.

Our very own race car!! Coming from driving SUVs and trucks, this was an adjustment, albeit a necessary one unfortunately. But it has served us well thus far!

4. Ran my second half marathon with the sister - no PRs - just a finish - which I was very thankful for!

5. Decided to increase our little family of three to a family of four, with Harley dog

6. Started blogging again here back in May, and it's been stop and go, stop and go ever since =)

7. Ran the RC Cola and Moon Pie 10 miler in the middle of June in the middle of Tennessee where it was beyond hot. And I suppose had my first 10 mile PR because it was my first and only 10 miler. 

It was beyond hilly, but the support along the way, and all those angels that were handing out extra water and ICE - angels were in Bell Buckle, TN that day. and I am beyond grateful for them!!

8. As I mentioned before, life is never like we plan and we made the not so hard decision for us, and yet again probably a hasty decision to move back to the Northeast after we had "left for good" just a short 8 months before. 

9. Not long after we moved back, I went back to Nashville to run my 3rd half marathon with my sister - the Nashville Women's Half - where I again, didn't PR, but improved my seaside half time by almost 8 min -

10. Two short weeks later, I ran my first race with the hubs - The Westchester quarter marathon - which kind of holds a special place in my heart because it was my first half marathon - 

11. The year ended with a very unexpected visit to North Carolina, and got to see the fam and spend Thanksgiving with them, and then a very nice visit from Juls - and now I will be ringing in the new year - poppin' bottles with the babies.. literally poppin' bottles - haha get it - baby bottles. I'm hilarious I know.

If you were watching ESPN at any point during the early evening yesterday, you'll know that at halftime Florida State was losing to Notre Dame 7-0. Even though I wasn't feeling the greatest, it makes me nervous to sit and watch football with the hubs because he gets so into it. So I figured my time would be better spent, trying to sweat out this attack of the sinuses.

Day 4, Thursday: Ran 4 miles in 43:30. I know I keep saying it, but this was a nice slow, easy run for me! Where probably just a short six months ago, I'd be having to allot around 50 min just to get 4 measly miles in. To say that I am beyond impressed with myself would be an understatement. It still gets me excited to say that a 10:50ish pace was an easy run. And I am "sick" to boot. I guess that there is something to be said for strength training, and speed workouts... 

On a good note - Florida State won! 18-14 - Go noles!! Nothing like finally showing up to play some football in the fourth quarter... 

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