Thursday, December 29, 2011

Football, Streaking, and Goals for 2012

The streak continued yesterday..

Day 3, Wednesday: Ran 3.8 miles in 40 min at a 10:32 pace! Oh yeah! (in my Vector voice) I ran the first 20 min at a 10:40 pace and then with plans to stop and walk I decided I'd run 5 min at a 10:20 pace and then stop, and those 5 min turned into the last 20 min of my run. Yessir, yessir. All the while my sinuses decided it would be the perfect time to start running (ha ha get it?) down the back of my throat - making breathing just a little difficult. I may have tweeted something along the lines of wishing it was acceptable to blow snot rockets at the gym - but considering the shorts I was wearing made my sweat look like I peed my pants - I really didn't need to add anything else to make me more attractive than I already am...

Day 4, Thursday: has not happened yet. Feeling rather crapilicious with even more snot running everywhere today, out my nose, down the back of my throat, out of my eyes.. everywhere. Okay an exaggeration, but I would so be that hacking girl. And the pressure in my face! But I may very well be rethinking my decision to use being sick as an excuse, because as we speak, we're watching the Champs Sports Bowl where our beloved Florida State is playing Notre Dame and the whole mood of the house depends on this game, and I. might. just. need. to. get. away. If you're watching, by halftime, you'll know if I've continued the streak or not, without me even telling you! Football is way serious business in this household. 

Goals for 2012
Lofty as they may be, I'll write them down, and share them with you, and then check back now and again and evaluate my life, and see how things are going...

-Run more regularly: I am a back of the packer because of my own lack of dedication. It's no secret that the more you run, the better you'll be. Like anything really, no one gets better at something by never doing it. So hopefully I can continue this streak and run at least 4-5 days a week. I mean let's be real, 9 times out of 10 we all know I'd choose a little extra sleep over a run.. or a cupcake... 

-Run a 2:15 half marathon: This will require me to keep a 10:18ish pace for 13.1 whole miles.. maybe it could happen... I need to find a very, very flat course. Hence the above, where I need to run more.. I will PR this year. I got lots of work to do..

-Run a sub 30min 5k: I'm down to about 32:30 consistently and thats just been a few months, so I just need to get rid of those extra 2:30min. I'm seeing a lot of running happening in 2012..

-Run a marathon: eeks! I have been perusing the world wide web for the perfect first marathon course - there are so many logistics - where do I want to run it? who do I want to be there? What would I wear!? Do you have any suggestions for me!? Again, I got lots of work to do..

-Be a better giver: find an organization near and dear to my heart and give regularly, and write my Compassion sponsored child once a month. If I can write a blog post, I can write a letter to a child that I sponsor. A couple of organizations that I feel being led to give to are Amazima and Heart of the Bride

-Go on my first mission trip: I will hopefully have more to update on this one very soon!! I'm super excited about it!

-Blog more: Not disappear off the radar, as I have done so frequently in the past. I am lazy, it is true. If you have not gathered that from hanging around here for any length of time, well, just stick around then, and I'll eventually disappear for a week or so... But maybe not, because now I have a goal not to do that!

-Make/find a training plan and stick to it: I generally run based on how I feel, I've ran one 10 mile run before a half before and that was it, I've ran multiple 6-8mile runs, but never consistent. My running depends on how I'm feeling, how much I'm working, and how much time I may or may not have. So for the first time, I would like to follow a for real training plan and run 10 miles on a saturday morning because that is what is on my schedule. 

Happy 2012 to you!! What are your goals!?

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  1. Oh boy, you're going to have a great 2012!!!

    I'd suggest Hal Higdon for a 1/2 or full marathon training program. I used his advanced 1 and 2 for my first few marathons and I think they worked well. Easy to follow.

    As far a choosing a marathon, it really depends on you. Can you afford to travel? Where have you always wanted to go? Destination race? Do you care about time? Flat course vs. scenic course? What time of year do you want to run it? That will limit your choices as well.

    Good luck!