Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Faves: woops its saturday

I generally do a Main squeeze Monday, but a lot of cool things happened today - like I worked three night shifts and then stayed up until noon waiting on our BRAND NEW BED!!!

Do I have sheets? No. Do I have extra pillows for it? No. Is there a matching set of furniture to match this bed? No. But it was blissfully comfortable, I had the best day of sleep I've had in weeks with a pillow and blanket. Who needs sheets!? Jeepers, by the time the furniture guys got here at noon I was fading fast and falling asleep at the computer so I probably would have had a great sleep new bed or not, but it definitely helped! I even started two new posts and realized how bad they were (which is probably nothing new) and how much they didn't make any sense at all (again probably nothing new). I was trying to stay busy and texting the hubs because I was a little nervous to be at the house alone while some random Joe came in to set up a bed - I watch a lot, a lot of Criminal Minds, and tend to have an overactive imagination - but I had this ferocious animal to protect me -

He really is all bark and no bite - he's got a big scary loud bark, but he was hiding behind me shaking in his boots. And when they finally left and I introduced him to the new bed, it was so high and big he definitely ran away.. It is a bed puppy... then I picked him up and he laid down and neither one of us budged for five whole hours. He loves it. He can't get on or off it, but he loves it. And so do I.

Not only did we get a new bed today - I got to celebrate this lovely lady's birthday -

Happy Birthday Beth!!

And eat some oh so yummy Mexican food at our favorite Greenwich establishment - the Boxcar Cantina. It is conveniently located right around the corner from me. Sadly, no they didn't make her wear a sombrero or do shots of tequila...  I am boring and ate a chicken quesadilla - 

There was a basket of chips and dip, some guacamole, and perhaps a margarita or two or three, we'll never tell - but they were already consumed by the time I thought to get out my phone and snap some pictures to share with you all. Your welcome. When you all come to visit, because I now have a guest bedroom, I will take you to the Boxcar and you can sample it for yourself. Speaking of house guests, my mom will be here in six days!! I'll let you know what she thinks of the Tucker accommodations and her rating on being a guest in our casa. She'll have to share a bed with Harley though because the second bedroom now belongs to him -

Happy weekend - for y'all - I'll be working!

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  1. At Hotel Tucker, you'll have to leave mints on the pillows at night. :)