Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm no Pioneer Woman

Truer words have never been spoken. I am not a cook. I would like to be. I'm sure I even like to act like I am sometimes. But I'm not, I have a couple of go to meals that I make all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean like once or twice a week. I don't even own a crockpot - the cooking pan I use the most is a 9x11 corning ware. Since my mom is here I decided to branch out and cook a roast. And because I needed someone to tell me the piece of meat to buy. I bet the the Pioneer Woman has never had to have someone tell her which piece of meat to buy for a certain recipe... I know I don't have to admit everything but I will.

So, this all started when we were watching the Food Network Saturday morning, we had just watched the Deen family Christmas, and watched Paula Deen make popcorn balls y'all. Which looked amazing. Then Giada came on to make her family Christmas Dinner. A Stracato with Porcini mushrooms. I didn't know what a stracato was, but it's a pot roast. And i'm not even sure what Porcini mushrooms are but I thought, hey I can do that, I love a pot roast. But again, I don't have a crock pot. Or even the fancy Le Creuset dutch oven that Giada used. And I had to use all these fancy ingredients and buy a sirloin roast cut or something like that. I should've written it down because I can't remember it now, but my mom and I perused the meats and then I had to call my dad and then I even asked the nice man behind the meat counter at Whole Foods. He helped me out, and I picked up the rest of the ingredients. Oh, and nothing like being a fish out of water in the northeast - I was looking for Juls and one of the workers was like oh I hear your accent and I know exactly where the woman your looking for is, you both sound alike. I was like cool, thanks.

 We made it home by 2pm after church and a little sightseeing and grocery run - just as the sun was starting to set, at 2pm in case you missed that the first time. And since this recipe was supposed to take 4 hours - I waited a little bit to start. Who likes to eat dinner around 6pm!? We generally eat around 8. So I started about 4pm. I began to follow the recipe exactly, drying my roast and salt and peppering and then I realized that her recipe was for a 5lb roast and mine was only 2lbs and since I'm not so great at math I kind of just used her ingredients and made my own measurements.  Oh yeah and I had to google "how to get the leaves off thyme" and "how to chop thyme". Watch out Top Chef, there just may be a new contestant in the running, that is one awesome google-er. The recipe I based mine off of was -

(ekes my first photo from my mac!!)

I chopped up onions, garlic, mushrooms (I know how to chop those) and added red wine vinaigrette and beef stock broth. I've never bought broth of any sort. There's a first time for everything. That first time also included the simmering of all ingredients. Here's the thing - when you've never bought red wine vinaigrette and it looks like it needs to be opened like a real bottle wine and you try and try and try to open it and it doesn't open, and you finally decide to peel through the packaging and find out it is a plastic lid - this is what it'll look like -

Like I said I'm no Pioneer Woman - I'm sure she's never used a corkscrew to get in a plastic top - I'm pretty sure I'm alone on this one...
FYI: the corkscrew won't open a plastic screw top... Your welcome. I just saved you 5 minutes

Since I'm not a food blogger, and an amateur cook at the most I didn't really take pictures of the process - but I have the end product -

I added red potatoes, because I like them and because the hubs doesn't like mushrooms. I try to take what he likes into account when I'm looking for recipes... But when you're married to a 26 year old that eats very similar to a 6 year old. It is hard. 

The happy family sitting down to eat my delicious meal
The hubs responds: It's not the best meal I've ever had... Rude. 

It was real good - okay, okay, not the best meal I've ever made, but it was still pretty good. And I'm all about trying new things. Now I am going to prepare myself for a very long, and very cold day in the city with my mom where we'll be going to see WICKED!!!


Happy Monday!!

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