Monday, December 12, 2011

Main Squeeze Monday: Man it's almost tuesday

I'm not sure anyone realizes how hard it is to write a post for a certain day of the week, when you sleep all day of that certain day of the week, unless you work nights, then you know exactly what I'm talking about - unless you work nights and don't blog... Anywho, I'm only halfway through my cup of coffee, that's my excuse for not making any sense -

Speaking of coffee Dear Starbucks, would you please keep your Christmas cups around all year long, just so that in the dead of summer when I'm hating the heat and missing the beach, I'll remember that magic of Christmas? Please, oh please.

Matchy, matchy. So festive! And makes me so happy!

Today I had big gym plans, so I bought some Gu Chomps , the cranberry apple flavor. Again, I thought I was getting the watermelon flavor, the packages don't even look the same, but none the less they were good! And didn't upset my stomach like the Clif Shot Blocks  did one time. Not fun. My only issue is that while trying to open them I had the hardest time!

Can you see the teeth marks?? And the rip up the side of the package!?

The best part, is if you look closely in the top left corner, it says tear here, where it opens very easily. And the best part, is they have caffeine! And you know how I love to have an extra boost. Gu Chomps = success!

AND this past week I got my first card from a patient - well her mom - but my patient definitely signed it - with her little almost 3lb fingers. She is getting so big!!

Hopefully by the end of the week I will be the new and oh so proud owner of..... badabdabda (drum roll...)

yeeeee!!!!!! I'm coming over to the dark side!! I whined enough that my other half caved!! Merry Christmas to us! 

And the best part of the day... 

Pizza Mondays!!! Actually any day that ends in -y in pizza day in the Tucker house! 

I love pizza!! And luckily for me, so does the hubs! And no one does pizza like they do here in New York. I missed the pizza a lot a lot during our short stint in Tennessee - we just couldn't find a pizza as good. Now maybe some of you feel that Chicago style pizza is better, but my only experience with Chicago style pizza is from Uno's and I'm pretty sure that as good as their pizza is it just doesn't do it justice. One day when I visit Chicago I will compare the two for you... do you like how my long description is about food!?

Happy Monday and Happy work week!! Please remember to pray for Avery this week!

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