Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A week ago yesterday

Okay, well by the time I probably actually post this, it will be a week and two days ago. Because I'm slow and sometimes it takes me forever to get my thoughts together and it gets to be after midnight and then I can't finish because I'm tired and must. go. to. bed. So, I'm posting this today, on wednesday, but am backtracking to last monday..

BUT first...

Runner's World  started a streak after Thanksgiving - to run everyday, at least a mile until the New Year. Well I didn't even hear about it, or pay that much attention until two weeks after Thanksgiving, and I was like eh I'll just run when I can. Well then I didn't really run at all, and I have all these lofty goals of running 3 miles under 30 min before January 1, 2012 and all that jazz (which may or may not happen) so anywho, I decided to start Monday, and run every day this week because I'm all about the short term goals and not stretching my goals too far out of my reach. So far so good.

Day one, Monday: Ran 3.2 miles in 33:30 - my first progression run. A very slow and very conservative progression run. started at 11:20, then went to 10:54 mile 2 and then finished at 10:42 mile 3.

Day two, Tuesday: Ran 4.2 miles in 45 min - a 10:40 pace!! I never thought I'd run one whole mile at a 10:40 pace and I ran 4. Go me. Maybe I'll move from the back of the pack, to the middle of pack runner. I can be satisfied with that!

AND second (before I get into a week ago yesterday + a day)

I had a dream that I died y'all!! I got shot!! I think I've been reading way too many World War 2 books, because I was me in Germany in the 1940s but I wasn't me. I was the character in my dream, but I was watching everything happen too... And I had a daughter and I was living with a friend and her daughter and next thing I know that Germans are knocking on the door with their guns and we're all facedown and I was just praying and praying - but I was watching the scene unfold too (weird, I know) - and then next thing I knew I felt a little pistol in the back of my neck, and felt myself get shot, and choking on blood or whatever you choke on when you get shot in a dream and I remember praying to die quickly and then I woke up and heard Harley snoring and the hubs talking in his sleep and thought - whew that was close. Where is Joseph when I need a for real dream interpretation, not some psychic mumbo jumbo that is flooding the internet!?! Then I had a dream about missing a flight because I was trying to run a marathon... Maybe I drank coffee to close to going to sleep.. Nutso - needless to day, Sunday night was not restful for me, I died and ran a marathon and had the stress of missing a flight!! But I guess maybe if I can run a marathon in my dreams, it could happen in real life too??

Okay, and one more thing - I'm having an internal debate with myself - to cut my hair or not to cut my hair.. I kind of wanted to donate to Locks of Love but you need 10 inches of hair, and if I cut 10 inches at this point I might end up with an Emma Watson post Hermione, pixie look. And I'm thinking that it just looks better on her.. So to cut my hair, or not to cut my hair.. Very important life decision, I know.

Now, finally what you've been waiting for! Last monday, Juls was here, and it was our big day to visit the big ol' city of New York. Our only plans were to see "the tree" and go see Wicked!! Which is by far my favorite broadway show ever. But we really didn't know what else we were going to fill our time with, because it was freezing. And by freezing, I mean like 30 something degrees, which for us Floridians, is real, real cold. So as we're sitting in Starbucks, waiting for our train, we decide why don't we A.) see if we can get tickets to the Rockettes, and B.) maybe go see a 2pm show. So we took the train in, and went to see the tree...

Which, I sincerely hate to disappoint you, if you've never seen the tree, but it looks SO much bigger and more impressive on TV, and it definitely looks better at night. I'm just telling you the truth.

After our quick jaunt at the tree, we went to stand in line to see if there were any tickets left to see the Rockettes that afternoon, so we could be nice and warm and not freezing trying to sight see. After standing in the freezing cold for only 30 min - luckily the line moved fast, we were able to purchase our tickets! The hubs and I saw the show last year at Radio City, and then again in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry. It might definitely become a Christmas tradition.

Super excited!

It was a great show - I love the live nativity at the end - I know they've been doing it the same way for something crazy like 80 years, and I hope that they never have to become politically correct and change the ending. I wonder if they realize how many people they're actually witnessing to by reading the Christmas story? And having the live animals doesn't hurt, I'm sure. And as good as the Christmas Spectacular is, we were headed to the real show next!!

But first we had to make an obligatory stop at one of my favorite cupcake shops - Magnolia Bakery

If anyone would like to support my sweet tooth, and supply me with one of these tins and six delicious cupcakes, I would not say no. However, if I may be completely and totally honest with you, while I love a cupcake from Magnolia, I would much rather eat their banana pudding, it is amazingly out of this world! And again, if I had to pick a cupcake, I would choose one from Gigi's in Nashville. I think their cake part is better... gasp! I know!! But if you live near a Gigi's I highly recommend trying it!!

After a delicious dinner of pizza at John's Pizzaria we had the grand finale of our little day trip into the city - Juls and I went to see Wicked! If you have to see a broadway play - this is the one to see!! I really have loved all the ones I've been able to see, but this one takes the cake. It's nothing like you would expect.

So come visit me, I'll let you share the extra bedroom with the cat, and I'll even wash the sheets, because I'm nice like that, and we'll go see Wicked!!

Now I'm on to day three of my streak!!

Oh yeah and if you haven't been over to Dear Avery - please go over, and read, and remember little Avery and her sweet momma and daddy in your prayers!

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