Monday, January 23, 2012

Main Squeeze Monday: My main squeeze is getting older!!

I would just like to take this time in my little corner of the interwebs to wish my other half a very very Happy Birthday!! He is getting SO old!! It's been almost 10 years since we started dating - that's 9 years of birthdays... and buying cards and gifts - good thing he didn't want anything because I am out of good, fresh ideas this year!! (It is a long time ago, I know)

His day already started out great because I woke up at the crack of the dawn to make him breakfast -

A special birthday paleo breakfast of bacon and eggs! But then he had to go to work.. The puppy and I will just lounge around all day for him! Isn't that so kind of us? I thought so. 

If you need either one of us - this is where we will be - waiting for the birthday boy to get home from work - but just in case you're worried he'll be mistreated on his birthday with no gift and only getting breakfast.. have no fear - I'm making dinner too. I know, I know - stop the presses - cooking twice in one day. It's absolutely unheard of around here. And I'm even going to clean the bathroom. Happy birthday to the hubs right? Dinner and a clean bathroom!? Who could ask for more!? Oh yeah, and I found some sweats at Sports Authority that I wanted.. So I'll even change out of my PJs for him and become this really put together Suzie Homemaker in Nike sweats that I bought for myself on his birthday. Wife of the year award = me. Soo perhaps we won't be on the couch all day, but for most of it for sure!!

Happy Birthday Hubs!!!! Psalm 118:24

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