Monday, January 30, 2012

Main Squeeze Monday: Picnik and Nike

Today I cannot decide what I enjoyed more about this weekend - discovering OR getting my new Nike Obsessed capri's in the mail and wearing them during my track workout... They are neck and neck for my favorite things right now...

Picnik is an online photo editor - that is SO much fun!! It allowed to me to make my new header for the blog, which I absolutely love and had a ton of fun making!!

You can make collages of all shapes and sizes, add text and graphics to your pictures, change the color of them... and it is all free - that's right free right now because the not so good news is... is that Picnik is moving/closing in April!! They're moving to google+ or some such nonsense.. So until April I will be using this website like it's my second job playing with my pictures.. and after that.. well I just might cry!

And to do a complete 180 on y'all...

I don't know about y'all but I try to rock the spandex, and the running tights and it's just not working out for me. I have such disproportioned features that it just doesn't look good, and I'm okay with that, and I'm at a point where I can admit that... So I scoured the world wide webs looking for some kind of running pant that was still cute and stylish yet would camouflage the wide caboose that I was so generously blessed with and I found these -

And I absolutely love them - so much I bought two pairs!! Especially after trying on these and leaving the store almost in tears because I'm pretty sure they showed every unflattering part of my body with a magnifying glass. The Nike obsessed crops don't show everything - they are loose fitting and dry fit so they keep me warm, but not too warm - because as you all know I am a sweater... and they don't hug me in all the wrong places! Which is SO important! So far I've ran, done spinning, and a "speed" sesh in them and NO complaints!!! So if your a little junkier in your trunk area - these are for you!! And you can thank me later!

Happy Monday y'all!!! My week four recap will be up tomorrow and just so you know it was so not a bust!!

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