Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Training plans and using Daily Mile

I have no friends.. sad but true. Not really true, true. I have my mom... and the hubs. (He has to be my friend, he married me.) Also true, I have signed up for twice. Using two different emails. Because I cannot remember a password to save my life. I sign up for a lot of things and always try to switch it up because that is what the password people tell you - don't have the same password for everything. In turn I can't remember any of them.. Another truth: I log my miles for like two weeks, and then never log in again, hence, forgetting the password. But - here's to hoping for a big, big spring, I will log my miles every week. And because I'm kind of, sort of a numbers/stats person, and I usually just add it up in my head because for some unknown reason I can remember how far I ran two weeks ago. (But still can't remember what I wore yesterday) And also for my shoes.. I don't keep up with how long I've worn my shoes, or if I think they're too old, if I like them I keep them, and when I'm tired of that pair, I get a new pair.. So this way I'll know. And I need motivation. The hubs is my bestest of friends, but he is not a good motivator. He encourages me to sit at home and eat cookies and tells me I'm beautiful. Which makes me want to sit at home and eat cookies and listen to him tell me how beautiful I am as I gain lbs and inches from all the cookies that I eat...SO, if you have a daily mile account, add me! Let's be friends!! And we'll keep each other accountable when it's 13 degrees outside!!! 13 degrees!!

Not that we're going running at 2 am.. but you never know! Oh yeah and we should all use Daily Mile because the tool bar thinks that I am an athlete. It says so right there, "Holly T. is an athlete." Makes me smile and chuckle a little bit.. So any who, be my friend!!

And since we're all going to start using daily mile and I have a goal for 2012 to make a training plan and stick to it - I decided to start tweaking a plan for the Seaside Half Marathon - BUT I threw away my new work schedule that finishes out January and starts February SO I only have the next two weeks planned out. But for someone that is as dedicated as I am. (Please note the sarcasm.) I am thinking that only planning a couple weeks at a time will work out comfortably. Short term goals people, short term goals - that lead to long term goals. And since my schedule changes so frequently, this will make training easier to switch around. I know the miles I need, it's adding the extra work outs that throw me out. So we're essentially taking this day by day, and/or a couple weeks by a couple weeks. So here it is - for the next two weeks...



Strength + 40 min
20min @ 10:40/ 20min @ 10:20
5x800s (1 mile warm up + 1 mile cool down)
6 miles easy
4 miles + XT
2 miles Pace + XT
4 miles intervals
Strength + 40 min
20 min@ 10:30/ 20min @ 10:20
7 miles easy
45 min
20 min @ 10:30/ 20 min @ 10:15

Since I'm so new to my MacBook, I have no idea how to be fancy schmancy and upload a cool calendar into my post - so I did it in microsoft word and copied and pasted because I'm all techie like that.. I don't even know how to change the colors in the calendar - I need a serious tutorial!!

Speaking of running... My Streak ended after four glorious days. Shut the front door, I know I'm your inspiration for all things running... I was feeling so craptastic by friday, after trying to run it out on thursday, I figured that I needed to chill out because I had to work all weekend! And I don't know about your job.. but if I called out sick on New Years Eve of all days I might just be looking at a pink slip come Monday morning. So I drugged myself and headed in to work to ring in 2012 with the little babies. And thus the running streak ended because it was sleep and drugging myself all weekend long... BUT as you can see, above - I have a plan for the next two weeks, around my work schedule. Genius I know. I know it looks like I don't work that much (3 whole days a week..) but when you work "graveyard" AKA 7pm to 730am you need a lot of sleep. Or I guess I need a lot of sleep. So it makes it really hard to run in the middle of a 3 or 4 or 5 day stretch. So here's to the next two weeks and sticking to it!

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