Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2 Recap: Seaside 1/2

I'm just going to go ahead and throw it out there that week 2 was oh so similar to week 1, week 2 was a bust. Have I mentioned that I am a procrastinator!? Even with running!! And I am so not running in the olympic trials any time soon, (Go USA!! London 2012 - can I look like Kara Goucher after I've had a baby please...) BUT I do have this little thing called a MARATHON that I signed up for and a half coming up in just 7 short weeks...

Monday: I actually did good here and got in a nice 5 miles at a 10:40 pace and then did 20 min on the stairs and some abs.. great start to the week - I got this - I'm motivated and ready to pound out the miles..

Tuesday: Again, I was feeling good so I ran 4.75 miles at a 10:30 pace and never felt tired or like I was really working. Woo go me! And another 20 min on the stairs and some more abs. I was on a roll...

that quickly ended..

Wednesday: I had plans to do some XT and strength training... I even got up early to go to spin before I did the strength training, but that puppy.. oh that puppy and his sad little face keep me from leaving so often - oh yeah and I was so tired! I don't know how people wake up before noon and get things done... so I finally left and did the stairs and I was so hungry and I had plans to visit a friend, so after 30 min on the stairs I called it quits with big plans for Thursday..

Thursday: I really, really wanted to get up early at like 11, so I could eat and run and then do my weights.. um 11 turned into 1 and then I had to go, go, go BUT I did get in 45 minutes of weights, so today wasn't a complete loss!!

And you know how the story goes.. I go to work, I get my butt kicked (which I absolutely love getting my butt kicked at work - keeps me busy and on my toes) and I have to sleep for eight good hours so I can go back the next night and get my butt kicked again!

I need to make a sign to put on the bathroom mirror to adopt the The biggest loser motto of no excuses!! I am so working on it... I have a better work schedule for week 3 and I plan on doing no OT -

3 mile run + Spin
4 mile run
6 mile Run
Strength+ 40 min
(20 min @10:30/ 20min @ 10:15
5 mile pace (10:30) + Spin
8 mile long run

Feel free to comment, tweet me, become my friend on dailymile OR just flat out come to my door and bang on it and tell me to get my butt in gear and out the door because I am the world's absolute best at making up excuses!!

- It's too cold (you can't tell me 20* isn't absolutely freezing!!) okayy or 38* and rain..

- I am way too tired - hello I work 7pm - 730am and then I read SusanRuns who works 12 hour shifts and then goes and busts out 8 min miles IN THE SNOW!! Please right now..

-I have a laundry pile that could rival the Duggar family...

- And how do I leave this!?!!?

That face says it all - "stay here mom"- come cuddle with us because it is so cold!! I know puppy, I know.

Now that it's 2 am I must get to bed so I can be nice and refreshed for my RUN tomorrow and my one night stand at work!! Oh yeah, stick around because I have MORE BIG NEWS to share with y'all that I am sooo excited about! But first I have to tell my dad... Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh...not a fun work schedule!

    Make time to do what you love!