Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Recap: Seaside 1/2 week 1

First, I tried to spell "weekly" like "weekley" - hmm I must need coffee. A little caffeine boost to help the wheels in my brain actually turn instead of collecting dust.. please no comments from the peanut gallery we all have moments like these. 

Second - I watched the Bachelor season premier.. I really have to stop and ask myself where my head is. Oh yeah, it was in the "we're watching football again, why do I care about the under armour all star game and watching all these high schoolers make their big decision" place. That's where my head was. The only good thing about this show is the preview for the new Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum movie - The Vow. And now I really want to see that. Channing Tatum - yes please, where do I sign up!? I think ABC is sitting around a conference table every week and looking around at each other and asking "what can we do to make this this show more outrageous than last year, so we keep our ratings up." You know when you're embarrassed for someone in an awkward situation and you just sit there and watch and your stomach is churning and you just want to hit the computer screen and yell LOCK IT UP!! That's how I felt. And they suck people like me in who only have one TV in their house and their husband monopolizes it watching things like football, and mad money, and other boy stuff. But in better news I also watched the season premier of the Biggest Loser - which I absolutely loved - and I think that after 13 seasons I will actually watch the entire season, instead of the first episode and the final weigh in. Which I always cry. Except that I definitely cried during the weigh in last night too while watching online.. so I think I'm in for a season of happy tears and watching people meet their goals. Oh yeah and Dolvett. He really is a fox and a half! I'm going to try and adopt their motto this season for myself - no excuses. But as your read on you'll find that I'm having some trouble so far applying no excuses to my life.. oh yeah and other quotes like there's someone out there busier than you, running right now or some such nonsense. It is true. I really am not that busy, but I am really tired all the time y'all. All the time. I'm really working on that.. So for my "first week of training" -

Last week: 

Strength + 40 min
20min @ 10:40/ 20min @ 10:20
5x800s (1 mile warm up + 1 mile cool down)
6 miles easy
4 miles + XT

Wednesday: As you can see my plan was 40 min and strength. Well you see I have a Nick. He's helping me with my goals and killing my legs and core once a week. But I was planning on running for 40 min and then I didn't get to the gym in time so I only ran a mile and then I got killed with jump squats and jump lunges and more jump squats. And then I had to walk on the treadmill with shaking legs because if I had walked down the stairs I probably would have fallen. And that might have been embarrassing. So I got in one measly mile instead of my 40 min = 4ish miles.

Thursday: Thursday I had big plans to start 5x800s at the high school track. Um school started back. What is this!? Why do kids have to go school? That's not cool.. Oh yeah, and I got to Skype with my bff and finally got to meet baby EK. She is so cute! I don't know why her daddy wouldn't send her in a cardboard box with holes that said "fragile" on it. She'd be perfectly fine, the post office is always very careful with their packages... Anywho 2 hours later the sun was already starting to set, so I hurried and got dressed and sped up to the track which for a high school football field is kind of off the beaten path and I circled the school twice to try and find it and finally did and I had about 30 min before it got dark, dark so I just went with it and got an entire 2 out of my 5x800s. So 2.5 miles...

Not off to a great start...

Friday: Supposed to be my long run... My legs were in A LOT of pain. Like I still couldn't walk down the stairs without wincing in pain.. So I decided to nix the run, and play with the puppy instead and stretch like crazy. I don't have a foam roller, but I'm thinking that it might be a necessary purchase that I need to make - but I improvised and got a nice can of organic black beans from our pantry and started rolling my legs and it hurt so good. I will say that when your legs are wider than the actual object you are rolling them with, it does make it kind of hard, but I made it work. I was able to stretch and spend some much needed quality time with the puppy...

Saturday: About that no excuses... I slept.. for 8 whole hours. I rolled out of bed at 430pm and had to start getting ready for work. Story of my life..

Sooo... week 1 was kind of a bust no? BUT here's to week 2 and having some time off and getting work done! I've made a semi new year's resolution to cool it with the overtime at work so that I don't require so much recovery time in my bed and I might actually be able to get out and function like a normal human being.

On a very exciting note - my little primary who was born at 24 weeks and weighed in at a whopping 1 lb 2 oz is going to get to go home this week!! Hopefully tomorrow! She's now an entire 4 lbs 11oz - such a big girl! And that's what makes my job SO worth it!!
 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 9:10

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  1. I watched the Bachelor premiere too. Drama, drama, drama. Get ahold of yourselves, ladies!! He's just a man! And not an attractive one!