Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long Run Jams

I don't know about y'all but I get bored real easy, and my ADD goes into overdrive during a run if my music gets old to me... I also hate paying $1.29 per song on iTunes.. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and lucky for me my in laws gave the hubs a gift card to Best Buy that I kindly borrowed, okay, stole. (Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. T for taking care of me and not even realizing!!) I'm running my longest distance ever tomorrow - 15 miles!! Yeeks!! So I am definitely going to be needing some major distractions!! I usually steal 80% of my music from Christine and her weekend playlist posts because I don't really listen to the radio too much and when I do it's K-Love (contemporary Christian all the way!) And she always has a wide variety, for which I'm grateful because she does all the work and I just download. Tonight, in prep for tomorrow, I have looked at and studied the iTunes top singles chart like I'm going to be taking a final on it tomorrow, and I believe that I have compiled a nice little list of jams that will get me through the 120+ minutes I'll be pounding the pavement - and don't judge me for some of my choices... I was having a real hard time not downloading classics like this and this oh yeah and this.. oh wait and this one to take me back to my middle school days - I'll blame the hubs because we have a 90's Pandora station playing... The Tucker's get absolutely out of control of Friday nights... But have no fears, 95% of my choices are from this decade -

Good Girl - Carrie Underwood

We are Young - Fun. featuring Janelle Monae

So Good - B.o.B

Part of Me - Katy Perry

Wild Ones (with Sia) - Flo Rida

Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars

Paradise - Coldplay

Princess of China - Coldplay & Rihanna

Sexy and I know It - Lmfao (I know... I can't believe I downloaded it either...)

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry

Like a Prayer - Madonna

Alone - Celine Dion

Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars

This Time - Celine Dion

Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift

Keep Your Eyes Open - NeedToBreathe (Probably my all time favorite band and song! Check them out!)

I've been on the US Track & Field website all night making routes, and then re - making routes and then making another, and then studying routes that other people have posted and I believe that I have finally made a decision. The majority of it is new to me so I've got double (route and music) new things to keep me occupied and thoughts of hurling myself in front of oncoming traffic at bay asking "why oh whyyy did I sign up for a marathon again!?!?!" And I'm going to be trying my new Endurance Fuel tomorrow on my run - keep me and my GI tract in your thoughts.. and cross your fingers for no issues!!

Isaiah 40:31 - I will run and not grow weary..

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