Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Race Week!

In approximately 24 short hours I will be landing at Hartsfield International Airport and be halfway home! I am beyond excited!! And in just five days I will be running the Seaside Half for the second year in a row!

As per the usual, life and sleep kind of got in the way and week 8 didn't turn into the high mileage week that I had anticipated but that's okay - it was kind of a pre - taper week taper...

I had to work and I had to sleep so Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ended up being nice off days in which I wasted my life away staring at the back of my eye lids. But Thursday was absolutely beautiful with temps in the 50s so my alarms looked a little something like this...

I forced myself to get up and get in a nice 5.6 miles before I had to head back into work. It was absolutely worth the lack of sleep - I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt!! Amazing! And then by that morning there was snow on the ground... global warming perhaps?

Friday I did a little bit of speed work and did 3.1 miles and 20 minutes on the stairs. 

Saturday I did arms at the gym and then headed out for my longest run to date - 15 miles! I knew I could do it, because I felt so good the previous week on my 13 miles. It was about 46 when I left my starting point, so I had on shorts and a jacket and my gloves and ear muffs. I was warm. Almost too warm. The first mile was a treacherous hill, and it made me want to cry, and question why I ever started running in the first place.. and it just continued to climb, with the first 6ish miles a nice steady uphill climb. I was ready to call someone to come pick me up! And then it started to snow around mile 7 - and I needed someone to stick a fork in me because I was done. Running is such a mind game! Because just last week I ran a great 13 miles and this week I wanted to hurl myself into oncoming traffic on a 13 miler... BUT the good news is, is that I have been doing some much needed, not planned hill work -

My usual route -

The route I ran this weekend -

And the Seaside Half elevation... -

I am so hoping that this goes super fast because it is so super flat compared to what I've been running. So on to my goals for this weekend. As lofty as the usually are, I kind of have some legit goals..

A. I hate to even put it out there because I might be disappointed if it doesn't happen BUT I'd love to run this in 2:20... that would be a 9 min PR and an almost 25min PR off my time from last year.. we shall see

B. 2:30 - still an almost 15 min PR from last years time on this one...

C. Just finish and have fun and enjoy the beach!!

Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me. I kind of, sort of have high hopes, because I've never ran this much before a "race" before so I'm hoping that I'm in better shape than I ever have been before a half, and that I have that on my side! 

In other news, the pup and I went on a nice little 4 mile walk/run yesterday - again it was absolutely beautiful!! We have a new training tool that sends out a sound wave that dogs don't like when he pulls on the leash, and it has worked like a dream - I hate to speak too soon, but he did SO good yesterday!

Even though he still doesn't totally know what to think about it yet, and the whole running thing, with cars and other dogs.. we still have a lot of work to do, but he didn't choke himself to death and his eyes weren't bulging out of the sockets - so all in all I'd say it was a success!

 Next time you hear from me, I will be in sunny Florida!! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. you are a total rockstar baby!!!
    good luck on your time.
    remember you are younger than me so be nice when i finish an hour after you!!! ;)