Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 4 Recap: Seaside 1/2

When I said that I would post the weekly recap on Tuesday I really meant Wednesday which would turn into Thursday - because sometimes in my life yesterday means tomorrow and tomorrow means two days ago, today never really means today... You see where I'm going with this? (All this was actually written Wednesday night before I fell asleep at 10 pm on the couch... Story of my life)

I think that week 4 went really well...

Happy Birthday Hubs!
Rest and Celebrate!
5 miles
3 miles + strength
5 miles + Spin
Long Run 12 miles
8x400 with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down

Monday: Happy birthday to the boy! So I took a rest day to cook him breakfast and grocery shop and make dinner...

Tuesday: I did 3.53 miles outside, I'm thinking that the hills of Greenwich made up for that 1.5 that I just ran out of time to do.. I had to work! Thank the good Lord for being able to get outside and run in January in the north east!!

Wednesday: I slept... = I had to go to work...

Thursday: I ran 3 miles and went to spin - I kind of like to run after spin but parking at the gym is out of control and you have to get there by 4pm for a 530pm spin class.. All you 9-5ers... taking up space... And I am really enjoying spinning but holy cannoli the bruises on my tail bone.. ouch!

Friday: Long run ended up only being 9 miles - it was raining and I am one big fat HUGE wimp and just can't run in the rain and cold so I ran on the treadmill - which I don't mind running on but I most definitely got bored and a little hungry... So it ended at 9 miles AND I had a lunch date to get to!

Satruday: I did one mile at a 9:01 pace!! And then I did the fit test on the treadmill - I don't know if any of y'all have ever done this or not BUT woah! You put your age and your weight and maybe something else and then you go. It starts at a 0% incline and about a 3.0 speed and then it just goes from there, I ended up at 10% incline and about a 7:47 pace and then I thought I was going to puke or wet my pants.. something was going to come out of somewhere and I just wasn't sure where so I thought it safer to stop - I only had a minute left. So I probably ran another mile but I really was just focusing on the time. I think getting through most of that is pretty cool.

Friday: If saturday wasn't enough, I decided to drag the hubs up to the high school track and do some 400 repeats - he's a little faster than me, so I wanted him to run first and I'd try to keep up!

       1 mile warm up - 10:15 (warm up y'all!)
       400 #1: 2:03
       400 #2: 2:05
       400 #3: 2:07
       400 #4: 2:08
       400 #5: 2:04
       400 #6: 1:59
       1/2 mile cool down - 5:20

I ended up doing 3.03 miles at at 9:46 pace! But the hubs said I can't officially count it because I stopped in between to catch my breath and record my times.. But whatever I'm still gonna count it!

So I ended week 4 with 20.2 miles! I'm thinking that's pretty good, but I know that I really must up that number like ASAP because I signed up for this thing called a marathon... my week 5 will hopefully look something like this -





6 miles + strength

Long Run – 12 miles

4 mile intervals+ spin

5 miles

I know, three whole rest days, slacker. But I had to work, and I need sleep. Need it. Like to function.. I'm shooting for 12 miles again - hoping to do an out and back - that way I don't have a choice - I run 6 miles out and then I have to run 6 miles back... Good choice right?

I'll leave you with a picture of the fur babies..

OH and the fur baby that I found at work the other night that I want to add to our little fur baby family...

Oh I want that... Harley needs a friend! This is what happens when I look at the ASPCA and all these rescue sites and know that they were taken from a "high kill" shelter... !! I want them all.. But first I need a house with a yard... So, dear Over the Moon Rescue I would like Blakeley to come live with us. If you could just drop her off at my door step, so that way I don't have to ask for permission, she just came to us.. That would be absolutely perfect. Thank you and have a great day... 

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  1. Nice job on the workout! I don't care for treadmills myself. Ugh.