Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5 Recap: Seaside 1/2

Only four weeks to go!! I absolutely cannot wait to be in Florida! I can only pray that the weather stays as amazing as it has been, because I have really big plans to go to the beach, regardless of the temperature. I'm going to go, even if I have to sit in freezing cold rain... Speaking of the weather, I really couldn't have asked for better weather in week 5. My outside runs were amazing and I wore shorts! In January, in Connecticut!

Week 5 was supposed to look like this..





6 miles + strength

Long Run – 12 miles

4 mile intervals+ spin

5 miles

Why yes, what you are seeing is correct, those are three whole rest days in a row. Three, in a row. Slacker, I know. But those days were numbers 2,3, and 4 at work - which leads to lots and lots of sleep. After those three days my week looked like this...

Thursday: Ran 5 miles and did spinning.. mad props to you triathlon doers out there... my legs were done after this! And I already wanted to gnaw on my arm I was so hungry

Friday: Long run - I did 11 miles!! I was supposed to do 12 miles, but I was having some personal issues that are not blog appropriate so I was 1 mile short because I had to get home.. which is still pretty good. And it is my longest "training" run ever. I keep thinking, I've ran one 10 mile long run before one of my halfs and that is it. I usually just pack on the 6-8 milers.. And then I remember the marathon I signed up for, and think - oh yeah, 11 miles just got to be a real short distance...  But woo for long runs and getting them done! Even if they happen real, real slow.. PS Dear town of Greenwich, can you please pave some sidewalks along some of your busy streets, I really don't feel like getting hit by a car... Please, and thank you. I fueled this run with some Nuun and the new peanut butter flavored Gu -

Um, yum! I do love peanut butter!! Can you tell I'm experimenting? I'm a little nervous now to try these other things because the peanut butter was so good and didn't make me want to hurl like some other things have. But the nice boy at the running store assured me I cannot go wrong with chocolate... Any suggestions on nutrition for me??

Saturday: Ran 3.45 miles - was still having some issues in this run, so I'm just glad I made it this far. And then did 30 min of arms and abs, and the teensiest bit of legs.. I didn't want to push it and kill myself!

Sunday: Ran 3 miles at a little fast than my goal race pace... maybe, just maybe... Issues = resolved!

I think week 5 turned out pretty good, I'd still like my norm to be around 30-35 miles a week, but I'll get there, and I'm still running more than I ever have. 

Plans for week 6:

5 miles goal pace
7 miles easy
3 miles + Strength
Long Run - 13-14 miles
Spin  + 3 miles
 track sesh!

Today was a rest day, because my schedule got all kinds of out of whack because I had a doctors appointment at 11am after I had worked all night, so I just stayed up to go - side note: probably not the best idea ever to drive after being awake for 15 hours... but one must do what they must do, and no one got hurt...

Today I got my physical for my trip to Uganda. I paid quite a bit of money, just to be told I am 100% healthy. Unfortunately physicals for 18-50 year olds isn't covered by my insurance so I have to pay out of pocket - um, ouch! There goes the new running shoesx4 gazillion that I wanted! But at least I only have to get one this year!! And a small price to pay - I'm considering myself lucky that I can just call the doctor and show up and get a clean bill of health! Even if I did have to take out a small loan to get it done.. 
Next on the list: My passport!!! Well technically I need our marriage license so I can get my Connecticut license finally... but this will all lead to getting my passport!! Woo!

I have to hurry now, the puppy would like a turn on the computer... he loves the twitter...

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